Cannabis Tea: What Is It, and How Does It Help?

Cannabis Tea: What Is It, and How Does It Help?

Cannabis use becomes orders of magnitude more sophisticated in the past 20 years. The out-dated stereotypes about Grateful Dead concerts and Woodstock hippies no longer apply, and cannabis use has become accepted across broad sections of society.

In part because of this broader acceptance, people have been more open to alternative uses for cannabis. Some are baking it into confectionaries, others synthesizing it into balms and ointments, and there are even some companies making cannabinoid suppositories.

But one of the latest in cannabis infused products thatis particularly noteworthy is cannabis tea. Loaded with nutrients and antioxidants, cannabis tea is a modern drink that has been around for a very long time. If you like the idea of cannabis, but do not want to smoke or consume extra calories, cannabis tea might just be the way to go – let’s take a look!

Do you just steep weed?

No, not really. Cannabis on its own will make for a pretty unpalatable tea, but along with other complimentary teas and tisanes, the taste is enhanced and rounded. Brands like Olli Brands are at the forefront of this, treating weed not just as a psychoactive but as an ingredient capable of producing favorable tastes and aromas.

Most steep their cannabis teas in water, which means that there will be little to no THC content and therefore no intoxicating effects. You do, however, still benefit from the CBD (more on that below). If you want to extract the THC, you can steep your tea in milk or cream, and either make a latte or drink it straight.

What are some of the benefits?

The benefits of CBD are numerous. For one, it is a profound pain-reliever and an effective stress-reliever. If you think that your normal cup of herbal tea helps you chill out, this will go above and beyond. CBD also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, making it good for everything from the look of your skin to your overall health.

There have even been recent studies out of the American Association for Cancer Research that marijuana use cuts lung cancer growth by 50% and “significantly reduces the ability of cancer to spread”. This is promising news, and it’s all there in a delicious cup of tea.

Is this a new way of having cannabis?

It is not. For centuries (and probably longer) cannabis was used as a natural medicine to treat urinary conditions, inflammation, and pain from arthritis, among other things. While our forebears may not have had access to the same kinds of scientific studies we do nowadays, they were nevertheless able to observe a profound health benefit from the plant.

Cannabis use dates all the way back to the 3rd millennium BC, and even though it has received some negative press over the past 50 years, people are again coming around to its merit. Using cannabis in a tea is a great way to go, as it allows you to reap all the benefits of CBD, while being able to choose whether you want any THC. “High tea”, in other words, means something totally different nowadays!


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