Why Axe Throwing Is the Perfect Birthday Party Activity

Why Axe Throwing Is the Perfect Birthday Party Activity

Next time you think of throwing a house party for your birthday or simply going out to a bar, stop yourself. Not only are bars and house parties a recipe for sloppiness, but they are also just a little boring. You only get one birthday a year, so it doesn’t make sense to spend it doing something that you probably already do most weekends.

Instead, try something different – something active that will get everybody talking. In past years, you might have taken your friends to an escape room, or out to a video game bar to be a little different, but the hot place to get together with your friends in 2019 is an ax-throwing facility. That’s right, this year’s hottest new sport is also perhaps the perfect birthday party activity. Here’s why:

It Is Insanely Fun

First and foremost, the reason for the new sport’s popularity is the fact that it is incredibly fun. Throwing an ax at a wooden target has no right to be as fun as it is, but those are just the facts. Still unsure? Before you put together an ax-throwing party, go try a drop-in throwing session for yourself – if you are not an instant convert, there might be something wrong with you.

It’s Competitive

You don’t want your birthday party to be completely competitive, but a shaggy, competitive element to a party is always a good thing because it keeps everyone engaged. When you go axe throwing, after you get a lesson on how to properly throw an ax, you and your friends will face off in round-robin competition. For extra fun, make it interesting – designate a prize for whoever wins.

You Get to Learn a New Skill

How many birthday party spots can you go to where you leave with a new skill? Not many. But with ax throwing, you can get to fine-tune your focus and coordination, and maybe even learn a new trick for the next time you go camping (although you should always practice proper safety!)

The Celebs Are Doing It

If it’s good enough for Shaq, Vin Diesel, Gerard Butler, Hannibal Buress, and countless other celebrities and athletes, it’s going to be perfect for your birthday party. There’s a reason USA Today called it the next hot entertainment trend.

Why Axe Throwing Is the Perfect Birthday Party Activity

You Work Up an Appetite

Ax throwing doesn’t need to be the only location in your evening – you can hit up a restaurant or bar afterward to fill the appetite you’ve worked up, and quench your thirst. That’s the great thing about activity-based parties; they justify the calorie-rich night that comes afterward!

While it’s easy enough to just get him grilling equipment, it’s nice to make an effort towards an activity. Don’t spend another precious birthday party drinking out of Dixie cups in your living room, or knocking back overpriced drinks at a bar. Instead, get your friends together, pick up some axes, and “throw” a birthday party that people will remember for years to come. It doesn’t have to be the only thing you do on your birthday evening, but it will be the most fun.


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