4 Scrumptious Sides to Serve with Lobster

4 Scrumptious Sides to Serve with Lobster dish

Fresh lobster is one of the most sought out culinary experiences in all of America, but no lobster feast is complete without the addition of the right side dish. If you’re starting to get confident with cooking lobster on your own at home, then it’s a good time to try a few of the following suggestions on how to perfectly complement your lobster meal.

When you’re planning to order your lobster online to serve to someone who’s about to have the pleasure of trying it for the first time or those who have only eaten it rarely, then finding the right side dish can make or break the success of your meal.

Traditional New England Fare

In New England, fresh lobster is most commonly served with a cold potato salad. Although potato salad is widely agreed upon as a complement to lobster, the recipes vary greatly. Ingredients for potato salad often include mayonnaise, boiled eggs, raw onion, dill, lemon or oil – but the list of what you might include varies greatly among families and can be practically endless! As with most recipes, the best plan is to go with the flavors that appeal to you and your guests best!


During the spring lobster season in Maine, it’s common to see lobster served with steamed fiddleheads. In case, you haven’t heard of them before, fiddleheads are a bright green fern that grown alongside riverbeds after the high spring waters have receded. Usually served warm –but adaptable to many recipes – they hold a delicious earthy flavor and have more body to them than most steamed or boiled greens. If you can’t find fiddleheads at your local market, you can always substitute them with asparagus or Brussels sprouts – depending on your preference.

4 Scrumptious Sides to Serve with Lobster rolls

Pasta Salad

While you don’t want to overdo the carbs, a good substitute for potato salad is a nice cold pasta salad of your choice. Like potato salad, the varieties of pasta salad are virtually endless, so it’s up to you to decide on what ingredients will best suit you and your guests – but if you’re totally out of ideas, you can always try this refreshing and flavorful Italian pasta salad recipe.

Lobster Rolls and with Kettle Chips

One of the reasons that people enjoy lobster rolls so much is that the essence of a good lobster roll is to keep it simple: cold lobster meat, hot butter, and a toasted hotdog roll. In this spirit, lobster rolls tend to be served either alone or with just one simple side dish. More often than not, what you tend to find at many excellent roadside seafood houses is a classic lobster roll served with plain salted kettle chips – it may be simple, but it’s absolutely delicious! If you’re craving some lobster roll and kettle chips, you can get a lobster roll delivery now!

When serving new foods, a good rule of thumb is to offer a few surprises as possible – the rich taste of fresh lobster will be more than enough. Whether lobster is new to you or an old favorite, you can always make your meal better with a delicious, traditional side dish! (socialsamosa.com)


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