4 Tips for Decorating Your Home Away from Home

4 Tips for Decorating Your Home Away from Home

When it’s your first time away from home as a college student, you might feel a mixture of emotions. You might be really excited because it’s a new experience. However, after looking at the living conditions in many dorm rooms, it can be a depressing experience for some college students. Plus, college students tend to live on a very tight budget. However, if you’re intentional about the way you decorate your living space, you can still enjoy a cozy environment in college. Consider these four tips to get started.

1. Bedding
You’ll want to invest in the larger pieces of your room. The rug is a large item in the room. Your bed is a large item as well. Find gorgeous bedding that’ll set the tone for the room. When you’re in doubt, know that all-white bedding always makes an impact.

2. Wall Decor
In most cases, you’re not allowed to poke or drill holes in the walls of the dorm rooms. Thankfully, there are other options that allow you to temporarily stick items to the walls without any scratch, hole or paint peeling involved. You can always find artwork to hang on the walls. Get creative with your approach. If you need a frame, head over to a local thrift store. Find an ornate frame to spray paint in an interesting color that matches your decor. You can get a funny or inspirational quote that you appreciate. Use the quote to create a graphic with an online design program. Then, blow up the picture and print it out at a local print shop. That can serve as an amazing piece of artwork in your room. You can attach mirrors to the walls or dry erase boards to remind you of the things you need to do. Get creative with your approach.

3. Floor Space
Rugs have a powerful way of transforming a room. You can also choose a specific style or pattern like southwestern style area rugs to serve as artwork for your floor. Roth Rugs are great because they have the capacity to warm up a room and make it look more inviting. It might be wise to avoid light colors like white because the cleaning process might involve extra work. When you’re in college, it’s best to have decor that’s low-maintenance.

4. Accessories
Since you’re in college, most dorm rooms provide a desk area for each student. This is the place where you can set up your laptop, books and more. Decorate this space with lovely yet simple accessories. Purchase a unique desk lamp that doesn’t have that terrible florescent lighting. Get a few picture frames and place pictures of your family members and friends. Create a vision board with your goals to motivate you as you work throughout the school year. If you have extra financial margin, purchase some lovely flowers to place in a vase.


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