Benefits of Cross Laminated Timber

Benefits of Cross Laminated Timber

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) is a type of flooring option which enjoys worldwide popularity. As a green alternative, it is made with various layers of lumber boards which are stacked in a crosswise manner and then bonded together.

This is done to help make it stronger, more durable and offers a number of different benefits that other floorings definitely don’t offer. If you’re considering getting cross laminated timber, it’s a good idea to evaluate all the benefits that this particular flooring type has to offer:

Flexibility in Design

The best part about CLT is that it offers a degree of flexibility in its design. You can increase the thickness as needed and any modifications that someone needs to make can be made on the spot. In comparison to other wood options, this isn’t always a possibility since you need to make sure that you have the right equipment available for you.

Sending the planks back to manufacturing and more can waste a lot of time. With CLT, modifications can be made on the spot and the material can be enhanced as needed. This is also more cost effective. CLT can be customized according to the specifications of the place and consequently will function better.

Energy-efficient and Thermal Qualities

More homeowners are paying attention to the energy-efficient nature of the materials used in their home. With most wooden flooring options, one has to forgo either the thermal qualities or the energy efficient nature. Luckily, with CLT, homeowners get the best of both worlds.

The thicker panels of the CLT are better at insulation.

You don’t need to use as many insulators in the wall as you might have previously. On average, one can easily cut down their energy consumption to one-third with the help of this material!

Allows for Faster Installation

Due to the fact that the CLT panels are already fabricated, it actually takes less time to install them. This greatly saves costs in terms of labor and also improves efficiency. Additionally, it lowers the costs for capital and enhances the occupancy rate of apartments, particularly those that are vacant.

Elements of CLT that are to be used on either the wall, the flooring or even for the windows, stairs and the doors are already pre-cut.

With CLT, the finishing touches are added earlier as well and home or an apartment can be finished and ready within a week or two with its help. The cost saves in this manner makes it a very feasible material to use if you’re looking to save money and get work done fast.

Minimizes Environmental Damage

The production of most wooden flooring options does come with a downside. You’re increasing your carbon footprint for every floorboard which is created. As one of the only natural building resources, wood is renewable but considering the increase in the rate of overpopulation and pollution, it’s not renewing fast enough.

Additionally, with younger wood planks, there’s a higher chance of getting low performing results.

Luckily, CLT is easier to produce and is more environmentally-friendly as well. Due to the fact that it is made with wood from sustainably-managed forests, this is a good way to reduce environmental damage and reduce your carbon footprint.

In comparison to other materials such as steel, wood does have the lowest carbon footprint and CLT emphasizes this factor.

Less Waste and By-Product

A lot of the time, wastage of resources can make certain materials very expensive. Luckily, CLT is not one of them. In fact, CLT ensures that you won’t have to worry about this issue. Since it can be produced on-site and meant for use in very specific applications, this enhances its usability and minimizes any waste or the production of by-products which can be harmful to the environment or the people on site.

Additionally, scraps of wood planks from the CLT production can be re-used for architectural purposes, including the stairs of a home or the wall skirts. In some cases, the waste is used for the production or recycled for other architectural elements.

This enhances the overall organic nature of CLT and also reduces your carbon footprint even further.

Benefits of Cross Laminated Timber flooring

Fire Protection Qualities

The best part about CLT is the fire resistant quality it has. The cross-section pattern of the panels makes it resistant since only the outer layer turns to char. Once the char is formed, the section will have a resistant layer which cannot be affected by the fire.

 Additionally, the cross-section also makes it unlikely for the fire to travel in the wall panels or remain undetected. This stops it from spreading undetected and it also makes it possible to contain the fire in one area. The durability of the wall can make it possible to compartmentalize the fire.

With the CLT, it is possible for one to have a higher chance of survival and prevent damage before help arrives. Given that most materials aren’t this resistant, CLT really stands out from the rest here.

Better Resistant to Seismic Activity

Another benefit for the unique, cross-sectional construction of the CLT makes it possible for it to offer more stability to the building it is used on. In areas with high seismic activities, the material has been particularly resistant. For research purposes, a seven-story building was constructed with CLT in Japan and was tested. It successfully survived a total of 14 seismic events consecutively and only suffered little to no damage with it.

This makes it perfect for making homes super resistant and stronger.

If you’re thinking about using CLT, it’s a good idea to get in touch with a good timber supplier!

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