Skin Fade Haircuts – The absolute trend of 2019

Skin Fade Haircuts - The absolute trend of 2019

They are attractive and classy at the same time providing us with just the right result that we all expect from our beloved hair. Since men tend to take less care for their hair on the daily basis they also give us an opportunity to maintain our perfect haircut with just the little effort needed to always look alluring. With just the comb a few hair products and an intention to look good, you can have just the perfect haircut for any occasion. Here are some of the trendy haircuts for men in 2019:

High Fade Haircut

An absolute trend in recent years. Many that colored their hair use the various toners to reduce the eventual brassiness. But everyone created a marked contrast between the longer hairstyle on top and the short sides where most of the brassiness may occur. The cut always starts at the highest point on the side of your hair so the high fade haircut also forces more contrast for a captivating and persistent outlook. High fades are always a great option if you want more importance to your hairstyle in combination with high and low points.

Undercut Fade Haircut

The one that makes your hair look like a breathtaking tidal wave. Despite the fact that most undercut hairstyles are cut very high and all of them are trimmed in a universal low length. The undercut fade combines the two eccentric styles. If you are interested in having a hairstyle that will take you no more than a minute to set just perfect for any occasion than an undercut fade is a perfect option for you since it is trending strongly in recent years and as it seems it is going to be the absolute hit of 2019 all over the world.

High Bald Fade Haircut

It seems that a high bald fade trend isn’t going to be forgotten anytime soon. Not only does it give you and a refreshing outlook for both every day and other more sophisticated occasions but at the same time, it looks attractive and appealing to most of the ages. This one is easily recognizable with a very close shave below the high fade line. It doesn’t require a lot of maintaining and it can easily be fixed from that annoying wind or other unpleasant circumstances for your hair. Whether you’re after for somewhat longer hair, a military cut, or anything in between, the high bald fade is the ideal addition to your next haircut.

Burst Fade Haircut

The burst fade thins the line of hair behind the ears, leaving your haircut to be longer around the neck. The general shape is rounded with increased toning that rises behind the ear. Like any other fade or undercut, the burst fade can be just the perfect combination to any men’s hairstyle regardless of its length. The burst fade is commonly combined with a wide mohawk but works with any length just fine. The Mohawk with longer hair on top with a large burst fade on both sides is at the same time exotic and classy. The volume on top and close-cropped sides are also flattering for everyone.


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