How to Choose the Best Moving Company

How to Choose the Best Moving Company

Canada witnesses a million of residential moves each year. Most of these relocations take place very smoothly without causing any issue whatsoever. A majority of Canadian citizens prefer hiring some efficient moving service after doing their researches.

However, many shady practices and scams have come up in recent times. It’s in your best interest to gather information about the different phases of moving in advance.

Check out a few good ways of picking the right moving team:

1. Seeking estimation

A professional moving company like Matco will measure the volume and weight of your belongings thoroughly. The estimator should take a detailed note of the massive storage places like garages, drawers, bookcases, and cupboards. The quote that you achieve from a mover is dependent on the amount of space that the goods occupy and their weight. Make sure you obtain a fair and accurate estimation from your favorite mover.

2. Checking out the belongings thoroughly

It’s the job of an estimator to assess all things that need to be transferred in details. An efficient estimator like that of the Matco Movers will inquire about the belongings that you need to move to the destination. You’ll need to prepare a list of possessions and discuss things with the estimator. You must tell him if you wish to sell a few things, donate to some charity, and leave back for those that acquire your current home.

3. Avoiding a large down payment

Reputable movers don’t demand large deposit or cash before relocating. There’s no need for you to pay for it before delivery. You won’t have any control over the delivery of your possessions if you pay them up in advance. To prevent all possible fraudulent activities, you may consider paying with the help of a credit card.

4. Opting for companies that have been in business

Few of the organizations continue to use different names for doing their business. This way, they’re capable of hiding their identities from the Better Business Bureau. However, you must ensure that you check out the insurance coverage and licensing information. The company must also have a physical address in your locality. They must have representatives uttering the full name of their business while attending your calls.

5. Seek references from neighboring customers

You may achieve a list of licensed movers from the State Association if your loved ones and friends aren’t able to recommend any of these services.  You may seek references from movers while speaking with them. You may ask them to provide information about three customers who requested their assistance within your neighborhood. Get in touch with these customers and make a note of their experiences.

6. Avoiding the cost of packing

Usually, a mover isn’t held responsible for causing damage to the belongings of his customer if the latter packs everything on his own. However, you may end up paying more on packing materials and cartons if you want the mover to do it for you. You’ll even need to pay an extra amount for their labor and time. Acquire information on the experience of a packer before entrusting him with the task.

7. Looking out for additional charges

Are you moving into to 10th floor of a multi-storied apartment? Do you currently reside in a two-storied house? Chances are there that you may have to bear an extra charge for negotiating elevators and stairs with the movers. Does their van need to trudge through a narrow lane? You may also need to incur an extra fee for transferring the valuables to a smaller delivery van. Don’t forget to inquire about all the additional costs that may apply to your situation.

Go through the contract paperwork and ensure that even the smallest of items are appearing in the list belongings. You can’t hope to see your laptop in the carton when the driver arrives at the destination if your list doesn’t mention it. Therefore, you can’t file a claim for things that don’t show up on your list of inventories.


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