From Nipples to Nuk: Who Makes the Best Baby Bottles?

From Nipples to Nuk: Who Makes the Best Baby Bottles?
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Breastfeeding has gotten a lot of attention recently, specifically breastfeeding in public. While some argued against women feeding their babies the natural way in public, moms came out on top when it became legal to do so in all 50 states.

Choosing to breastfeed or bottle feed your child is an extremely personal choice most moms struggle with. No matter which option you choose, you’ll need a bottle to help do the job.

If you’re a mom to be and trying to prepare for your little one’s arrival, you might get overwhelmed at the number of bottle choices on the market. To help narrow down your options, we’ve put together a list of our favorite baby bottles. Make sure to read on to get all the information you need!

Philips Avent

#1 recommended brand by moms and first on the list is Philips Avent. Philips Avent Natural Starter set which helps breastfed babies transition to bottles.

Each bottle features a wide petal-design for the nipple and is both flexible and soft, making it easier for babies to latch onto. The actual shape of the bottle makes it easy for babies to grip and hold.

These bottles help your little one avoid colic symptoms with an advanced anti-colic system which uses a twin-valve venting system preventing air swallowing while the baby feeds. Each bottle remains easy to clean with a wide neck.

Each starter pack comes with five bottles (choose between 2 oz, 4 oz, 9 oz, and 11 oz sizes), two nipples and pacifiers, and a bottle brush. You have the option between plastic or glass for the bottle (both BPA free!), plus nipple types ranging from newborn flow to variable flow, which is great for babies three months and older.

Comotomo Baby Bottle

Another bottle perfect for helping babies transition from breastfeeding to bottle feedings are the Comotomo bottles. Like Philips Avent, each bottle has a wide nipple while remaining naturally shaped.

The biggest difference between the two? Comotomo makes their bottles from a silicone material. These squeezable bottles give the baby the feeling of their mom’s breast while feeding.

Plus, it makes bottle cleaning a breeze. You can toss the three-piece body into the dishwasher, boil it, or even steam it and it’s ready to go. You won’t even need a bottle brush.

Comotomo offers two bottle sizes – a 5 oz and an 8 oz. The 5 oz comes with slow flow nipples, which are better suited for newborn babies.

With the 8 oz size, you’ll get the medium flow nipple which is better for babies over three months. Other nipple flow options are available online.

Tommee Tippee

Closer to Nature by Tommee Tippee has a lot in common with the first two on our list. The nipple is a soft silicone material which flexes while the baby feeds, mimicking that of breastfeeding. This also helps them latch on easily and naturally.

The compact and curvy shape makes it easy for both parents and babies to hold the bottle during feedings while also giving the baby the same feeling as their mom’s breast. Due to these curves, though, the liquid can get trapped.

Possibly the best feature of the Tommee Tippee bottles are their patented air venting system. This system channels air, which babies can swallow as they feed, through a tube down toward the bottom of the bottle. This allows the air to avoid the milk altogether.

With this system in place, babies have less of a chance suffering from colic symptoms along with spit ups and gas. Despite the venting system, the bottles are easy to clean thanks to the wide mouth and dishwasher safe materials.

You can get this in two different sizes: 5 oz and 9 oz. The nipple types vary from the slow flow (0+ months) to Variflow which best suits thicker liquids for older babies.

Dr. Brown’s Bottle

Dr. Brown’s brand offer baby bottles with similar features to others on this list. Like Tommee Tippee, they also have a patented venting system to help babies avoid swallowing air during their feeding.

This system also eliminates air bubbles and negative pressure. While you avoid post-feeding fussiness, you ensure your baby gets all the important nutrients from the formula or milk with a vacuum-free effect.

Keep in mind, a fancy venting system such as this means there are more parts of the bottle which need washing. The shape includes tiny crevices, requiring a bottle brush to clean.

You can choose between glass or plastic bottles, with plastic coming in sizes from 2 to 8 oz and glass in 5 and 9 oz. The glass bottles are great to use in bottle warmers, too.

Need help deciding on the perfect bottle warmer? Click for more reviews on best bottle warmers in 2018.

Pick between traditional or wide-neck nipple types ranging from newborn to nine months and up. If you opt for the starter kit you’ll receive five bottles, two nipple types, a variety of caps, and cleaning brushes.

Munchkin Latch

Munchkin Latch is a newborn-specific bottle which helps the transition from breast to bottle. The bottle features an accordion-style nipple which lets the baby control the flow of the formula or milk.

The nipple of the bottle flexes, stretches, and even pumps, helping the baby keep a strong latch while also avoiding the swallowing of air. You’ll find an anti-colic valve at the bottom of the bottle which ensures little to no air bubbles getting in the milk during feeding.

Plus, you can easily connect a Munchkin Latch bottle to a Kidsco breast pump with the adapter for easy pumping. Because these bottles are tailored for newborns, they only go up to 8 oz in size with the smallest size being 4 oz. The bottles are of plastic material and have nipple types going up to stage 3, or six months and up.

The Best Baby Bottles on the Market

There you have it! These are some of the best baby bottles on the market, from helping with anti-colic to transitioning from breast to bottle. Keep in mind, some have more bottle parts which make cleaning them more difficult.

We hope this bottle guide has helped you find the perfect bottle for your baby. If you’re looking for other family related articles, make sure to check out the children and parenting section of our blog!


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