Types of Mattresses for Adjustable Beds

Types of Mattresses for Adjustable Beds

An adjustable bed has a bed frame which can be adjusted in various positions for both therapeutic as well as for comfort reasons. It gives a zero gravity effect which is achieved by elevating the upper and the lower body slightly, that helps in relieving the pressure and is ideal for those who have neck, back, and hip pains. Initially, the adjustable beds were used for hospitals only but have finally made their way into homes. This is due to the numerous benefits associated with a bed frame that could be repositioned.

The best mattress for adjustable beds

While the base of the bed does all the work, the mattress helps in providing support and cushioning. Using low quality or the wrong mattress can render even the best and the top quality adjustable bed foundation uncomfortable. Choosing a mattress that works for an adjustable base requires more thought as than one for a regular flat bed. The mattress should be flexible or able to be bent. It also needs to be durable and comfortable and should contain materials that will provide pain relief and support under different conditions. As such there are different types of the mattress for adjustable beds which can adjust, bend and flex and not break down quickly.

Memory Foam Mattresses

These are one of the most popular options for the adjustable beds. Their design easily allows them to be bent without having any effect on the support or the pressure point relief. The best part of the Memory Foam Mattresses is that it is able to conform to the shape of your body and can evenly support your weight as well. This helps to eliminate the common complaint of pressure points which is quite prevalent with other mattresses. When the Memory Foam Mattress is used with an adjustable bed, the mattress is easily able to flex and match the contours of the base without compromising on the support or the comfort. In fact, the Memory Foam Mattress is designed in a way to mold its surface as per the situation and so it gets more comfortable during the night. Another type of a Memory Foam Mattress is the gel foam mattress which is a combination of the Memory Foam Mattress and cooling gels which helps to change the feel of the surface into a bouncier and a cooler design.

Latex Mattresses

Similar to the Memory Foam Mattresses, the latex ones are made 100% foam and have quite a similar effect in helping to prevent pains in the body. This type of mattress is also quite common with users since it is naturally ventilated and does not let bed bugs, or any other creepy crawlies and dust mites enter the mattress. When you do, however, decide to pair up your adjustable bed with a latex mattress, then you should be careful to go only for the best quality. Otherwise, instead of getting the best quality sleep, you would end up with back aches and pains. This is usually due to the fact that a low-quality latex may not be as flexible as a high-quality one with better materials. As such, there is a possibility that it may crack where the mattress is folded at the base. It certainly will not offer the level of comfort and support you need. When it comes to affordability, the latex mattresses are usually pricier than the others.

Innerspring Mattresses

These are one of the most common types of mattresses that are purchased. Many adjustable bed brands offer only spring hybrids or the regular spring mattresses. This is the mattress on which your parents and grandparents probably slept on most of their lives! They were considered the best before the memory foam mattresses came about.

Spring mattresses are easily and widely available due to their popularity, however, ones that can be used for adjustable beds may be limited. There can be diversity when it comes to their thickness and firmness. When it comes to their pricing, it may be lower than other types of mattresses. Overall, the satisfaction rating by the users for spring mattresses is the lowest due to the issues of long-term comfort and durability. They do provide advantages like initial comfort and familiarity, but spring mattresses usually require more frequent replacement as well. If you do decide to go for the spring mattress, make sure you go for the independent pocket coils and a model that has a minimal pillow top less than 12”.

Last words

Which type of mattress you go for your adjustable bed depends upon your choice, preferences and on your budget, but the three mentioned above are the best options available for the adjustable beds.


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