Handloom dupattas of India

Handloom dupattas of India

Dupatta is an integral part of Indian culture. It adds a charm and elegance to a salwar kameez, kurta for women and kurti, lehanga choli, anarkali and ghagra. In some cases, the dupatta can add a plus factor to fusion dressing. Dupattas are available in various colors, fabrics, styles, sizes, and lengths. They can be accessed online too. Buying a dupatta online is an easy breezy affair now. You can buy a handloom dupatta, a silk dupatta, a velvet dupatta or a net dupatta, everything can be bought online now.

Irrespective of the variety and range of dupattas that have been introduced in women’s fashion since ages, some have stood the test of time and are considered classy additions to any wardrobe till date. Most of them can be teamed up with a kurta for women. You can choose to buy these dupattas online too.

Kalamkari dupatta

Kalamkari is a block printed technique used in making dupattas. Kalamkari as the name stands is the handwork (kari) made using a pen (kalam).  Vegetable dyes are used to draw the motifs used in kalamkari work. These dupattas are mostly made in cotton but there are silk variants available too. The kalamkari work dupattas have both mono pattern and multi-pattern styles. Most regularly available designs are the mono pattern. The most special and pricey ones are the ones which have motifs of an episode from the epics of India. The Kalamkari dupattas make great ensembles for plain kurtas and kurti sets.

Ikkat dupatta

Ikkat is yet another handloom work of India that has withstood the test of time. It has only emerged stronger in reinvented forms of Ikkat weaving in use of dresses, kurtas and kurtis. Ikkat dupattas however were and are still popular. The Ikkat dupattas have geometric patterns that are formed by binding threads and these threads are altered to come up with pattrerns. Ikkat dupatta along with a plain salwar kurta makes for a classy look.

Madhubani dupatta

Madhubani dupattas are a testimony to the painting skills of Indian artisans. This style of painting originates from Mithila. This is a style of hand painting using natural dyes, twigs, brushes, and hands. The emerging patterns and motifs are extremely eye-catching and classy. For a person who is fond of wearing dupattas, a Madhubani dupatta is a must have.

Patachitra dupatta

Patachitra painting is a cross based painting technique that originates from the Eastern part of India. It is famous in Orissa and West Bengal. This style of painting enjoys the attention of the world and is quite popular among a lot of foreign nationals. Patachitra uses the technique of hand painting with natural dyes to depict a story form of a scene from Indian life. It could be simple everyday happenings or that of importance from the folklore or epics of India.

Kantha embroidered dupatta

Kantha also pronounced as kanta or qanta is a type of hand stitch work that is originally from Bangladesh and North Eastern states of India. Dupattas made with kantha embroidery are light in weight as they are made of cotton. They are colorful and make a great ensemble for any kurta.


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