10 DIY Ideas for Tea Towels This Christmas

10 DIY Ideas for Tea Towels This Christmas

As Christmas is coming closer, everybody is on the lookout for easy and quick DIY gift ideas. A tea towel is one staple that you can easily find sitting around in your kitchen. This can be reused other than cleaning dishes and drying hands to serve a DIY purpose. Have you walked around a grocery store and laughed at the entertaining sayings on tea towels? These cute designs make it hard not to use tea towels other than their proposed purpose.

It’s time to put them to a different utility, which is why we have collected 10 creative and fun DIY activities you can do with a tea towel. Repurpose and use them as Christmas gifts.

     1. A Tea Towel Monoprint

Monoprinting is a basic homebound technique and serves as an enchanting Christmas present. You will need a plain tea towel, fabric paints, paintbrush, iron, baking paper, a few plastic sheets, and a wooden spoon.

Draw a picture onto the plastic sheet. Now spread the tea towel onto the print and avoid letting it slide around. Put the fabric piece on top and use a wooden spoon with firm pressure all over the print. You can also create a tiled design by using multiple images. When the printing is finished, lay a baking paper over the towel and iron it on a medium setting. This will make your tea towel machine washable. You can use the same technique on a t-shirt, curtains, bags, etc.

     2. Tea Towel Wrapped Canvas

First and foremost, iron your tea towel. Now wrap the canvas’s front with a tea towel followed by flipping over the canvas such that the wooden casing is looking up. Force all the extra fabric over the sides of the frame and staple across. Make sure that the fabric is positioned as you desire and continue stapling across all sides. If the accumulated fabric in the corners irritates you, you can clip away those bumps. However, you may want to keep the towel as is in case you ever need to use that extra fabric. To add the Christmas feels, hang across a red pom-pom lace.

     3. DIY Hand Stamped Tree Tea Towel

All you need is a cookie cutter, a large potato, paint, and tea towel to pull off this DIY project. Cut the potato in half in length and insert the tree-shaped cookie cutter into it. You will now have your stamp impression ready. Dry it off using a paper towel and paint over it using a sponge brush. Next, put the pressed tea towel onto a plain surface. Force the stamp solidly onto the towel and repeat until you’re done. Leave it overnight to dry and iron it later.

You can use this stamped tea towel as a wrap for a quick and attractive DIY gift idea. Wrap stuff like serving spoons, mugs, and food gifts to present to your Christmas host.

     4. Wrapping Wine Bottles

If your host is a wine lover, you can enrich your gift by wrapping the bottle in a tea towel. Just overlap the towel around the bottle such that the wine’s brand sneaks through. 

     5. DIY Holiday Tea Towels

Set up a bunch of washed and ironed tea towels. Pick your favorite sayings and font styles. Print them out and carve each word. Arrange each letter underneath the tea towel and trace the text using fabric markers. You can further beautify it using ribbon or lace. The finished project can be used as a gift for your loved ones or as a display in your kitchen.

     6. Striking Candle

A pillar candle looks even more unique when you wrap it in a boldly printed tea towel. Tuck the towel in half lengthwise and cover around the candle. Secure it with a silk lace. Leave a happy holiday note and a reminder to take off the towel before lighting the candle.

     7. Tea Towel Skirt for your Niece!

Are you excited to design a $5 cute skirt and present it to your niece? All you will need is a tea towel, elastic, and some basic sewing tools. Start with prewashing the tea towel and let it dry. Fold it in half and stick along the two sides ensuring that both of the pre-hemmed sides are at the base. Now sew both pinned sides using a straight stitch. Give the finish of zigzag stitch if you want.

To prepare the elastic casing, fold down the skirt top about ¼ to ½ inch and iron to set. Your casing is now ready. Fill the elastic into your casing overlapping the two closures marginally. Sew those ends together and secure with a couple of stitches to keep the ends intact. It is now time to sew the casing closed while the elastic stays within. Go all the way around and your skirt is complete.

     8. Filled in a Basket Full of Treats

Slide a tea towel into a tiny woven basket to serve as a liner and load up with tasty Christmas treats for your host having a sweet tooth.

     9. Gifted in a Box

Bring into use an unappealing box and stuff it with carefully rolled illustrated tea towels in a complementary palette. Present it to your guest with the top off to add a more graphic impact.

     10. Transfer Your Grandma’s Recipe on a Tea Towel

Out of all the gifts for Christmas, this one is truly meaningful. You can preserve your family history with this handmade gift idea to be shared and displayed. 

As a first step, you’ll need to print your recipe on a fabric transfer paper. Make sure to invert your recipe paper before transferring the print. Lay the towel on a flat surface for a flawless fabric transfer. Before transferring, also determine the center of the towel to get the entire recipe printed on it. For precise printing, you can use a scale to draw the straight lines. Finally, flat iron on the fabric transfer paper onto the towel. You can add color to the edges using a fabric dye to have dyed borders.


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