How to Protect Kids Teeth from Cavities

How to Protect Kids Teeth from Cavities

Kids have great appetite for sweet, sticky and gooey foods. Obviously these foods are fun to eat, but the only challenge is that plagues which are formed by bacteria in the mouth can easily rear its ugly head at anytime.

No matter how many times a child brush on a daily basis, these plagues can prevent the teeth from sparkling. Even if you suffered from cavities while growing up, your kid doesn’t have to suffer from it too. So, this is the best time to do something about it. Teach them teeth whitening at home, and also practical examples of teeth whitening before and after.

Do everything that will save your child from tooth decay. Practices like eating a balanced diet and using fluoride to strengthen are perfect options.

Causes of cavities

When plagues build up on the teeth’s surface, the germs in the plaque will mix with carbohydrates and sugars in the mouth. This cocktail of bacteria will give rise to acid which will attack the teeth. Within the dental field, this is known as demineralization. Cavities will form if demineralization goes unchecked.

Naturally, you can whiten your kid’s teeth by doing any of these brushing with baking soda, giving them enough fruits and vegetables, using hydrogen peroxide, using apple cider vinegar and lots more.

Thus, below are 5 tested and proven ways you can protect kid’s teeth from cavities:

A good healthy eating

Making sure your kid engage in a healthy diet is another way to protect your kid’s teeth from cavities. Thus, do everything humanly possible to cut back on starchy foods and snacks, instead let them take crunchy foods like celery, almonds, carrots and apples- all these will help in developing their teeth.

Serve them plenty of low-fat dairy products including yoghurt, cheese and milk, and encourage them to brush after every meal. With healthy habits and good oral hygiene, your kids will surely deal with cavities.

Fluoride toothpaste

Allowing your kid to brush with fluoride toothpaste will prevent them from getting cavities. Encourage them to brush a minimum of twice per day. Consult your doctor, and inform them the volume of fluoride your kid is exposed to, and they may advice you when to use fluoride supplements or water also.

Visit a dentist

From the age of 1, your kids should see a dentist. They need to visit a dentist periodically. American Dental Association says that if a child experiences any dental risk, the dentist can apply some topical solutions like fluoride. This will prevent them from getting future cavities. The dentist will encourage you to clean your teeth every six months or at least once every year.

Brush twice a day

Your kid should be brushing at least twice daily, and make sure they are using teeth whitening toothpaste with fluoride. The benefits of this are multiple-it will remove sugar and starch from their teeth.

As soon as your child begins to develop teeth, make sure you teach them how to floss. Flossing is one of the surest ways to remove plaque, which eventually turns to tartar. If tartar is not removed by a dentist, it will coat the teeth and eventually make them appear yellowish.

Use teeth whitening kit

Buy over-the-counter teeth whitening kits for kids with permanent front teeth, and make sure you use these hydrogen peroxide strips in line with the directions of your dentist. You will start seeing results within a few weeks. Before commencing any teeth whitening at home treatments, ensure your kids brush with a desensitizing toothpaste.

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