Best 5 Health Benefits of Playing Table Tennis

Best 5 Health Benefits of Playing Table Tennis

In today’s Day to Day life, Our Nation is facing a problem of obesity.  Obesity has a major effect on kids, a young generation, adults.  According to a survey of 1993 obesity rate got double. The study shows that any Sports activity reduces the level of obesity.  Beside Obesity, there are many health issues that need to be prevented with regular exercises. But many of us are always bored with traditional exercises including aerobics, gymnastics or any other.  But what if these benefits we get in our favorite sport. Table Tennis is one of the best sports for physical and mental activity.

Spending an afternoon with your family and friends, actively playing table tennis would result in surprising health effects. Along with social interaction tablet tennis offer mind-body stimulation, benefits of aerobic too. It helps you in burning a good amount of calories depending upon the intensity you play. Many known Table Tennis as ping-pong game too and you can consider looking for any ping pong tables for you. It is convenient for even adults to play this sport, as there is less prone to injury in it.  Table tennis is played with small paddled bat and ball that is a toss to the opponent team. There is no heavy equipment or running involved, so there is no risk of collisions or falls. With Tablet Tennis you are able to move fast movements without straining your joints. People with the joint problem always worry about playing any sport, but with Table tennis, they can enjoy.


Co-Ordination between your body parts

In this Game, you can make up the chemistry of your body parts and Brain, which majorly include your brain eyes and hands. This creates concentration and strategy to achieve an aim by developing mental acuity. The game stimulates mental alertness and concentration while playing a game. With fast paces and a short distance of ball in sport, gross and fine muscle movements are improved.

Improves Mind Sharpness

A very important thing of this game is keeping your Mind Clear and Attentive. A Master player is capable in Speed, spin and twisting your body, other gaming keeps the mind busy in solving puzzling moment of an opponent. An aged person playing this game increases blood flow in the body and brain too due to which there is less chance of affecting dementia.

Improves Core Strength

This games also helps in losing weight along with burning a good amount of calories. It also strengthens our inner core muscles. Other than core it helps to clear the problem of the knee joint and ankle problems. This is a perfect workout program without getting too heavy machines to exercise and tiredness and overtaxing your body.

Strength, power and limb speed are three essential factors that are influenced by table tennis. With table tennis, your lean muscle mass in increased also reduces body fat.

Stress Reduction

Nowadays, we all are addicted to phones and our problem, due to which we do not interact with the people around us. There is a higher stress level in our lives whether it be for work, for other reasons. Playing tennis reduces stress level, as mind-body and brain involves in one activity. Stress levels in a human are very high affected these days, you can reduce by social interaction during your sports activity. You can indulge yourself in clubs, friends club to get more social interaction. Table tennis reduces Stress and lets you have a peaceful and relaxed sleep.

Weight Loss

Table tennis sport is entertaining and addictive. While playing at high intensity it gives allows you to burn more calories. Calories burnt in singles tennis is lower comparing to doubles. Also, the risk of injury to muscles is less with it. It is loved by adults too or those have problems in their joints. An averagely a person playing Table tennis burns about 200 to 350 calories per hours of play. A person weighing 150 pounds burns about 270 calories. It is a fun form of exercise that improves your metabolism along with other health benefits.

Summing Up

Taking care of health is a major issue in our daily life. We do not get time from our busy schedule and lack of exercise in our daily life. But when you choose your favorite sport to be a part of your exercise regimen, you would love to get involved in it. Best Exercise is one which you love doing along and reducing your stress level. Although Table Tennis does not require much running, hopping or jumping, it gives you good health benefits. If you do not like to go out to a club or due to any reason cannot go out, you can get a good table tennis in your home or in your backyard. This will definitely boost your love towards playing it.


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