Bedside Commodes: Who Should Use Them and How to Get Them

Bedside Commodes: Who Should Use Them and How to Get Them

As we age, it is important to us that we maintain our independence, even when we start to develop physical limitations. One of the biggest fears and frustrations for the elderly is to have to rely on someone else for their wants and needs. An especially personal task that everyone would like to keep private is having to use the bathroom. To have to ask for help to and from and on and off of a toilet can be embarrassing for some people. To take back your independence in this area, a helpful product to invest in is a bedside commode.

A bedside commode is useful for the individual who has limited mobility, when getting up to get to the bathroom is challenging, but not impossible. Someone who finds themselves immobile after recovering from an injury can benefit as well.

There are several types of commodes, however the bedside is the most common. Often, bedside commodes are called 3-in-1 commodes because they serve three functions; beside commode, raised toilet seat, and shower use. It is stands alone features a toilet seat, frame, and a detachable bucket to catch and dispose of waste. You can find commodes that stay stationary and ones that fold for better storage when you don’t feel as though you need. Since the waste bucket is removable, many fit over a standard toilet seat to provide extra support and make for a raised toilet seat for extra help getting up and down. You can find commodes that can also fit inside of a shower if you find it necessary or preferable.

Your insurance will likely pay a good portion of the price of your bedside commode.  You must have a prescription from your physician and that physician must accept Medicare assignment, the supplier that you buy from must also participate in the Medicare program. If these requirements are met, Medicare Part B will typically pay 80% of the allowable charges, leaving you responsible for 20% of the charges plus any remaining deductible.

As mentioned before, there are several types of bedside commodes to choose from:

  • 3-in-1 Commode:3-in-1 commodes are multi-functioning commodes, serving as a bedside commode, a toilet safety frame as well as a raised toilet seat.
  • Drop-arm Commode:Drop-arm commodes are designed with arms that drop out of the way for safer transfers to and from the commode.
  • Bariatric Commode: A heavy duty commode for heavier individuals, bariatric commodes are built with high quality materials to provide reliable support.
  • Shower Commode Chair:A rust-free commode shower chair is a commode that conveniently doubles up as a shower chair.
  • Folding Commode:Folding commodes fold easily for storage and travel purposes.
  • Wheelchair Commode: The commode wheelchair is a commode designed like a standard manual or transport wheelchair.
  • Padded Commode:Increase your comfort by choosing one of our padded commodes, which feature padded seats and/or arms.

Speak with your doctor about all of your options and see which they think will best suit your needs to keep your independence and privacy intact.


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