Four Advantages of a Two-Car Garage

Four Advantages of a Two-Car Garage

Many first home buyers do not consider a two-car garage a top priority for their home. In fact, many think it’s a luxury that they can do without. Apart from protecting your vehicle from the elements, you might be very grateful to the enclosed place when it is raining; you have your kids with you and armful of groceries you need to get back into the house.

The following are just some of the other advantages of a 2 bay garage;

  1. Your Car is Safe

Regardless of how safe you consider your neighborhood, it is safe to say that your car will be much safer in a garage than parked in the street overnight. When you leave your car outside it is far more susceptible to theft, vandalism and damage than when you put it in a garage. It is also safer to drive into your garage, close the door behind you and then go into your house than have to walk to your house in the dark. This is especially true if you arrive home late.

  1. Extra Storage Space

The nature of life is that you will acquire some stuff as your family grows and the years go by. Eventually storage space will become valuable commodity and you may need somewhere to put all the accumulated stuff that you don’t use on a daily basis but are still essential. Things like barbecue grills, golf clubs, bicycles, yard maintenance equipment, outdoor furniture, spare tires and gardening supplies would find a home in your garage especially if you don’t have a backyard or garden shed.

Four Advantages of a Two-Car Garage wooden

  1. Protection from the Elements

A garage can also be a great way to protect your car from the elements. The most obvious of these is wind and rain, but apart from wind and rain protection, your car does need protection from hot sun, air pollution and even bird droppings that could wreak havoc on the paintjob. Keeping the car in the shade will also spare you the discomfort of having to sit in a hot vehicle. On the flip side, a warm toasty garage could eliminate the effects of bone-chilling winter mornings on your car.

  1. More Privacy

As much as interacting with your neighbors can be a good thing, sometimes you just want your own private moments. A garage gives you this much needed space when driving in and out of your home. You don’t have to stop and chat with your neighbors every time you come home or have to leave.

The advantages of a two-car garage are certainly well worth the cost although your decision to get one will depend on the neighborhood and your climate. The extra storage is always a good thing as your family grows. This is why most seasoned home buyers; especially those with larger families tend to choose homes with two-car garages. The extra space is as much valuable as the protection the garage will provide you for your vehicles.


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