What To Do When Moving Into A New House

What To Do When Moving Into A New House

Moving out of your old house and moving into a new one, isn’t any lesser pain than moving on after a broken relationship to a new one!  With years of small and big investments, both in the form of things and memories, it becomes very difficult for you to decide what to take along ahead and what to leave behind.

However, with today’s limitations of time, space and money, an effective pre-planned moving plan helps avoid the end moment chaos and hurry. With ever-growing numbers of Local Movers and Packagers to choose from, thankfully the entire procedure of shifting is becoming hassle free.

So let’s help you by sharing a quick checklist with you before you move to your new kingdom!

There goes the first step. Create two lists- one for the stuff which definitely needs to be shifted to the new place and the second- for the stuff which you definitely need to leave behind (rent or sell/donate or discard/ reuse- you can mark it alongside the mentioned things!).

This would take some time but will give you a sense of clarity beforehand on the things you actually need to get moved and avoid last minute impulsive compulsions to carry that old corner table you had been waiting to discard for months!

You should not carry any unnecessary excess old stuff to the new place (No! Not even the new house is bigger!) Not only because it would pointlessly add to the weight of the baggage to be transported but also because it would mean arranging more stuff in your new place.

Also, since you must have invested in the new house, it’s a good idea to get some revenue out of your old stuff by either renting or selling them out or reusing them if they are in a condition to be.

Another important aspect is finding a reasonable, reliable and responsible Movers and Packers Service for efficient transportation of all the goods.

Make sure if you are moving to another place in the same city or town, you explore Local Movers in the area as well to avoid the delay in the arrival of your things and effective costing. Half of your worries would be wiped off once you know your belongings are in safe hands, with the fragile tags on!

Also, since you are moving into a new space, try to make it really new! By that, it means not placing every piece of furniture as it was previously set up, matching the same old curtains and the new cushions and what all was unmoved in the previous months, years or decades maybe!

A new ambiance would not only change the aura of the space, even if it is an old house you have bought. Use different shades, varied patterns, for different sections of the house, decorate it as you like! Let beauty and creativity flow in and around the space. You never know how your home-makeover skills might surprise you!

Having your own garden would be a great idea too. Plants not only contribute to improving the air quality but also enhance the value of a space. However, if you face a crunch of space, you can have a small kitchen garden or a few hanging pots out in the verandah or utility space as well!

Wrapping Up

Overall, even if the house is new, you and your family have been an old entity for years. Season your new house with a few old memories in the form of pictures and art, and create new ones too as you welcome your house to become your new home and it hugs you back with lots of love! Happy Moving!


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