Pro Tips for Designing Office Layout

Pro Tips for Designing Office Layout

Having a good office design is crucial to the success of your business. After all, a well-designed office layout can boost employees’ productivity and peace of mind. From the furniture and used cubicles arrangements to the lighting, a great workspace can revitalize your workforce. However, designing an office layout can be both daunting and exciting in several ways. There are a lot of things to keep in mind when you’re in the realm of creating an ideal office design for your company. So, take a look at these pro tips for designing an office layout that can make your people happier and more productive.

  1.      The right amount of space – Of course, nobody can work properly in a limited workspace. That being said, make sure you get the right amount of space for your business.
  • Create an office layout that enables your workers to move freely. Whether you utilize workstations or cubicles, it’s paramount that you should make use of a space utilization management plan for your company. By doing so, you can be able to manage your workspaces efficiently for the benefit of your people.
  • Moreover, having enough space is also essential to safety. When an emergency situation happens, people can exit the office quickly and safely if you consider the space in your design.  
  1.      Furniture – Investing in good quality furniture can be essential in creating an office layout design. Employees can work well if they have a comfortable workspace. They become more inspired, productive, and healthier if you provide them with ergonomic office chairs.
  • A cheaper chair can cause general discomfort and back pain, leading to complaints and absenteeism. Remember, the design of your workstations have a significant impact on your workers’ performance.
  • So, don’t ever skimp on your furniture. It’s essential that you conduct a thorough research about the type of office furniture your company space needs.
  1.      Lighting – This is a vital factor to take into account when designing your office layout. Natural light in so many ways can make a big difference. Your employees will greatly benefit from more exposure as they can see things better.
  • Also, natural light isn’t only better for the eyes but it also reduces eye strain and complains about headaches at work.
  • If you want to improve the amount of sunlight in your workplace, make use of glass walls for private offices and benching desks instead of closed cubicles. That way, you can create an open environment that allows you to get more light within your office.
  1.      Nature – If you can’t control the lighting design of your workspace, getting one with nature can be one of the easiest ways to increase your workers’ productivity at work. By adding small potted plants around the office or to all desk décor, you can keep them healthy, focused, and satisfied. Don’t hesitate to go green when you’re planning your office design.
  2.      Storage – With today’s technological advancements, most companies use paperless solutions to maximize the amount of space in the office. Besides, a productive workspace is the one that keeps everything tidy and stored in place.
  • Employees will be happier if their workplace is free of clutter and organized. When you design your office, be sure you consider a storage audit to address this issue.
  • You can find several storage solutions in the market that can help you use less space and allow light to get through the office.
  1.      Color – Color can influence people’s productivity. However, picking a color isn’t enough. You should consider many factors in choosing the right color. If you’re looking to inspire creativity, go with yellow.
  • But if you want to create a calming balance, green is the best option. On one hand, you should also consider the intensity and saturation of your color choice.
  • Make sure you incorporate the colors that will suit the type of office design you want.
  1.      Cleanliness – Another factor of office design to think about is the cleanliness. Even if it’s an intangible design element, it’s as vital as the natural light sources because it can impact your employees’ efficiency and office’s image.
  • As an employer, you may require your people to clean their own desks at the end of the day.
  • You may also utilize a cleaning schedule program with your workers to essentially minimize your cleaning and janitorial expenses.


Now that you have these pro tips in mind, it’s time that you complete your office design. By making a few small design tweaks, you can be able to make your work environment more comfortable and efficient for your employees. Thus if you want to take full advantage of these simple design fixes, it’s recommended to consult design firms to help you come up with a more pleasant workplace for your employees.


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