Best places to click pictures with Santa

Best places to click pictures with Santa

The most exciting aspect about Christmas for kids are present, and who gets them better things than Santa Claus? Their joyous squeals and twinkling eyes know no bounds once they meet the red-suited man.

Kids probably spend months making wish lists for the gifts and goodies they want for Christmas. They also behave well to add more to their cookie points. But it’s not always easy to find your Santa Claus amongst the numerous children surrounding him and already jumping with joy. Your child definitely wants a picture with the good old goodie man or for that matter, even the grown-ups need the red and white clad laughing man maybe only for uploading their Instagram pictures! So here are some tips and places if you’re wondering “Where can I get pictures with Santa near me?”

If you live in or around Atlanta, there are many opportunities and places to take your children to visit Santa in Atlanta. All you need to do is dress your kids in their favorite holiday outfit and head to your closest Atlanta location for amazing photos and an enchanting time with Santa Claus!

  1. Phipps Plaza

Phipps Plaza is one of Atlanta’s ultra-high-end malls, home to Lego Land, an AMC movie theatre with reclining seats, great spas, restaurants and more. During the festive season, many parents bring their kids to meet the great old Santa. But sadly at Phipps, each Santa visit is by appointment only and open appointments start as early as September. You pay $15 to make a reservation, and $10 goes toward the cost of the photo package. But on the brighter side, the mall will be decked out for a spectacular Christmas experience that your kids will definitely enjoy!

  1. Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain Park has a great tradition of bringing Santa to all families in the Metro Atlanta area. Stone Mountain organizes an exciting parade where Santa greets children until their Snowfall Celebration begins. Guests will have to pay the usual entrance fee to Stone Mountain Park, however, to see Santa there are no additional fees except fees for picture packages since guests are not permitted to use their own camera.

  1. Lenox Square Mall

If you happen to be on the long waiting list for Phipps Plaza’s Santa experience, fear not, because just down the road you have a worthy alternative at Lenox Square Mall. The guests can capture the meaning of the holidays in a photo with Santa in the Macy’s Court mall level at Lenox Square Mall. While you are there, make sure to ride The Pink Pig and relive the Atlanta tradition.

  1. Perimeter Mall

This mall is one of Atlanta’s oldest yet beautiful malls and has something to offer everyone, regardless of budget. It gives you a luxurious shopping experience and amazing holiday season decor to look forward to. A pre-purchase of the photo is required to reserve time for pictures with Santa. However, all guests can enjoy 30 percent savings by pre-purchasing a photo package online without making a reservation.

  1. Georgia Aquarium

How wonderful would be it to start your morning by having your breakfast with Santa! Create memories by enjoying breakfast with Santa amid the whale sharks and manta rays. You can enjoy a delicious breakfast and holiday crafts, and also write Santa a letter and deliver it to him in person as you visit. Bring your camera to capture the special moment.

  1. Regis Atlanta

You can also come over the famous St. Regis Atlanta Hotel to have a delightful time with Santa. Let your kids have fun as you sip the afternoon tea and click images with the old white-bearded man. See what kids he has brought for your child and kick-start your Christmas with some delicious food.

Give your kids the chance they deserve to meet up with the Big Guy, get a picture and to assure them that they’ve really been nice. Most of these require either a reservation or have limited booking availability, so call right away to not find any disappointments. Also, remember to check the venues for pricing information. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year in advance!


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