Why have a LEGO themed birthday party?

Why have a LEGO themed birthday party?

The most special day for every child is their birthday. Their excitement starts at least one month in advance, and they keep reminding us that their big day is coming.

It’s not always easy to zero down on themes for a party. There may be lots of options which would, in turn, make it quite confusing for the parents to choose. But one theme which definitely is an all-time favorite amongst all children is a LEGO themed party.

If you are running out of options or you’re simply confused, you must turn to this! Here you’d get a few ideas on how to go about making your child’s special day even more special for them at LEGO birthday party Atlanta . They are definitely a great way to celebrate for all the LEGO fanatics. Here are all the ideas you would require to organize the best celebration ever. From the invitations right through to the party goodie bags, all are covered!

How you can organize the best birthday ever?

Check out some ideas to make your kid’s birthday special:

  1. Handmade invitations

These are definite pleasantries as they prove to be gestures of such love and hospitality. Handmade invitations are always a go-to apart from being cost-efficient. You get to save up the costs from getting printed invites and can spend that on something better on the list. Also, your child gets even more excited and happy to help you out with writing the invites for their friends on their own.

  1. Build accessories out of LEGO bricks.

To make the theme more appealing, you can design easy accessories out of LEGO  bricks. All you would need are LEGO bricks and baseplates for some of them. Accessories like napkin holders, small decorative chairs, tables, and likes of whatever your child would want it to be, can be easily made. They definitely add on to the fun of the party and assure a memorable time for your child as well as the invitees.

  1. Build a LEGO cupcake stand

Party guests will marvel at the creative and easy-to-build cupcake stand. You simply need LEGO baseplates of different sizes and a few of the LEGO bricks. Build different layers and decorate with LEGO mini-figures if desired. Then, display with pride (adding cupcakes is optional!)

  1. Make animal masks inspired by LEGO DUPLO characters

Using only a drinking straw and some colored paper, making cute animal masks inspired by LEGO DUPLO characters is a fun activity for younger children. The joyous and fun play of the children at the use of these masks would only make the party better and exciting.

  1. Build photo booth props out of LEGO DUPLO blocks.

This would be a fun kids’ version of the grown-up phenomenon! Help your child to create a photo booth with props as the LEGO DUPLO bricks. Things like glasses, hats, hair, microphones, and mustaches work really well. Then set up a ‘photo booth’ area and get ready to provide some really great memories for every little guest at the party. Revisiting these memories would only bring joy to not only you but also all the little ones.

  1. Party games

LEGO has a lot to offer for younger children rather than only creating building blocks. Get them excited with a tower race game or have a bit of quiet time with a tricky memory game.

  1. Goodie bags

What better way to thank the little guests at the party than to give them goodie bags! Your goodie bags can be filled with chocolates, LEGO brick sets, LEGO play figures, LEGO stationery, a handmade thank-you-card and much more. This would be the last pleasure of the day for the kids at the party and would help you finish the party on a wonderful note!

You can also try building larger figurines like robots,  mini dinosaurs, train sets and many more. The party filled with such figures would only enhance the atmosphere and make the children have double the fun!

So if your little boy or girl has their heart set on this theme, you can definitely make use of these rounded-up ideas and organize the best LEGO party. After all, love makes the world go round, but it evidently takes the LEGO squares to build it!


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