Exercises you can do using Pilates reformer

Exercises you can do using Pilates reformer

Most of the people join gym classes but fail to have the motivation to visit it regularly. The pilates reformer exercises can help to achieve better results in a short time, and also not feel like a gym. The pilates exercises are pretty easy to do and require very less effort. Although body movement is required, you wouldn’t need to fuss over your movements much. With simple steps, your cardio would be done effectively. Pilate exercises would help you to become slender and flexible. There is a wide range of Pilate exercises that you can try, so start with the basics. Note that you will have to be careful about your postures to avoid potential muscular damage.

How to use Pilates Reformer?

Pilates reformer is one of the famous and essential pilates exercise equipment. As far as the history of pilates is concerned, pilates was discovered by Joseph Pilates to treat injured soldiers in wars. The Pilates reformer is an flat equipment upon which you have to lie and go back and forth. Since it has sprung, you may get to experience resistance in different levels while exercising. It also contains shoulder blocks which will prevent you from falling. The Pilates reformer is mostly used for standing, sitting and lying. It allows pulling and pushing the foot-bar. You can do different exercises on the reformer which will eventually help you get over the pain and attain a fitter body.

Exercises that can be done using pilates reformer

The following pilates reformer exercises can help you tone up your body and bring it in proper shape:

  1. Reformer footwork

This pilates reformer exercises helps to treat calves, abs, quads, glutes, hamstrings, and adductors. To do this, you can choose as many resistance you want and then like down flat. Pressing your toes on the foot-bar you are required to push the platform. However, make sure that you hold up your knees straight. You should stay in a similar position for some time until you finally let it go. You should ensure to do 3 sets while completing the 15 sets. It would be better if you join Pilates classes since your instructor can help you with the process.

  1. Frog on the Pilates reformer

No matter how odd this sounds, but it can be pretty effective. Your Pilates instructor can, however, help you with the overall process. In this case, the targeted areas are the back, hamstrings, adductors, and pelvis. Usually, your instructor would instruct you to do 3 sets for 12 repetitions. You need to put up straps on the reformer and include two springs to bring resistance. Also, you should be lying flat on the platform by bending your knees. Regular movement of the head and foot is required with the hands being still. When you move, you will eventually move upwards. To move down, you will need to pull your legs back to the position you started. Consider going to classes for pilates reformer Atlanta to enhance the effect.

  1. Rounded stomach massage

You will be given this message in your pilates classes. Usually, the lower abs, hamstrings, quads, glutes, adductors, and pelvis are targeted for this exercise. Your Pilates instructor would ask you to complete 2 set of the 15 repetitions. For resistance to this exercise, you will be needing three springs. You need to put up your legs and back for sliding for enhancing the muscles. Also, you will need to lift up your heels from time to time. This would further enhance and treat your back pain.

  1. Elephant on the pilates reformer

You will be able to do this Pilate exercise better if you visit the pilates classes. In this case, your calves, glutes, hamstrings, and quads are targeted for improving the pain. However, mostly your back pain would be treated by this. You will need to stand on the platform of the pilates reformer with pressure on the heels and shoulder blocks. You will need to move your glutes and push your abs properly. Inhaling and exhaling from time to time can help you benefit the exercise. Nonetheless, you will need to keep your back arched.

How many calories can pilates reformer exercises burn?

Usually, the pilates reformer exercise is said to burn about 250-450 calories for each session. Thus, if you continue the exercise for four days, you will be able to burn 1000-1800 calories. The number of calories burned would also depend on the intensity of exercise, time and overall body weight.

You can consider visiting your pilates classes regularly to bring a change in the body and mind. It will also help to treat any kind of pain. You won’t feel like you’re exercising when you do the Pilates reformer exercise. It gives you good vibes and makes you feel healthy.


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