Making Your Home More Pet-Friendly

Making Your Home More Pet-Friendly

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Pets are part of the family and nearly half the homes in the US have either a cat or a dog. In many homes, they are treated the same as anyone else, and it is not unusual to see one of them sitting on the sofa watching TV. Sometimes though, they can be a lot of extra work and if you are not careful about the way you decorate your home, they can cause some damage. They do not mean to do this and are generally so loving and loyal, that if they understood the effects they have they would be very upset.


Dogs and cats will leave fur wherever they go and it is best to make sure that your upholstery is in a material that does not attract it or makes it cling so it is hard to get off.   Some fabrics are almost like a magnet for pet hairs and you should avoid velvets, mohair, corduroy, velour, and chenille. It is also best not to have silks because they are so easily damaged.

Leathers, synthetic fibers and smooth tapestries are the best as the fur will easily brush off and they are tough enough to withstand claws. They are also very comfortable for your fur baby.

You should give the same consideration to your walls. Not all pets will rub up against the walls, but if they do they should be smooth as textured walls will make the fur cling, and it will be harder to get off.

Avoid Exposed Wood

Exposed wood can be almost like a toy to them, especially for cats who will scratch at it and ruin it. Dogs, when they are teething are likely to chew on it and it is best avoided. Opt for furniture where any exposed parts are metal or chrome, and then whether it is a cat or dog, your pet will leave it alone.

A scratching pole is a good idea for cats, and something tough for them to chew on will help those teething puppies. Pets like to play as well, so a few choice toys will help to keep them occupied and prevent them causing any damage.

Easy To Clean Flooring

Making Your Home More Pet-Friendly

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Until your kitten or puppy is house trained it is inevitable that there will be some accidents indoors. Then there are the times of year that are wet, and their paws will drag water and mud into your home. Easy to clean flooring is the best thing to have, certainly around any entrances.  Avoid hardwood floors that will damage easily, and opt for ceramics, stone or laminate flooring. Whatever the cause of the puddle is then, it will easily be mopped up and will not cause a permanent stain.

Let Them Have Their Own Space

Every pet should have some space that is just his or hers, and no one else should enter or touch it. Your cat or dog should know that if they lie in their bed, for instance, they will be left alone. They go there sometimes to get some peace, sometimes because they are feeling unwell and sometimes to sleep. It is important that f they want to get away from everyone, they have their own space to go to.

The pet bed should be made of high-quality materials so that it is comfy for them to relax and unwind. Take a look at some dog product reviews to help you find the most suitable bed for your pet. A comfortable bed will also mean they are far more likely to sleep through the night and leave you alone to do the same.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Keep your kitchen clean and make sure no leftovers on the plates on work surfaces. Pets are clever enough to find a way of reaching them, but not clever enough to realize that some foods are bad for them. Things such as onions, candy, apple seeds, garlic, coffee, tuna, alcohol, grapes, raisins, and several other foods are perfectly fine for humans but will make your dog or cat ill.

Do not leave their food bowls out all the time. They should always have a bowl of fresh water, but their food bowl should only come out at meal times.


Making Your Home More Pet-Friendly

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If you have never had a pet before it may surprise you to discover how nosy they can be. They love to sit looking out of windows, and you need to make sure they can do that safely. They will also lie on windowsills when it is sunny and bask in the warmth.

You should not deprive them of the joy of seeing you arrive home, but don’t hang heavy drapes that call fall on them. If you have blinds at your windows, always leave them a little way up so they can see without having to struggle to get behind them.

Have A Porch

Imagine the scenario where you have taken your dog for a walk and while you were out it poured down with rain. You both come back very wet, and the first thing your dog will do once they are inside, is to shake as much water as possible off themselves.

You do not want them doing this all over your furniture or floors and the best way to avoid it is to have a porch or at least an extra entry door that gives them a bit of space for shaking before they go into the main house.

Store wet wipes in there so you can clean their paws, and a towel so that you can dry them as much as possible before opening the main door.

Make Your Home Into Their Sanctuary

Making Your Home More Pet-Friendly

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You want your pet to feel loved and welcome and they will feel the opposite if you are constantly having to tell them no they can’t do this or that. By making your home as pet-friendly as possible, you will turn it into a sanctuary for them. This way they will be the true and loyal friend that most pets are and not become a pest that is not worth the effort.


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