Gardening Apps To Help With Design

Gardening Apps To Help With Design

As spring approaches, gardeners’ thoughts turn to the aroma of moist soil and garden design. Many have already started seedlings, so that they will be ready for transplant in another month or so. Others are already prowling the isles of local nurseries and home improvement stores, hoping to find hardy plants that will make it through the last two or three freezes of the winter. As you plan your garden, you might consider some gardening apps. You can get great ideas for garden design, find “how to” information at your fingertips, and even locate nurseries in your area, all with the slide of a finger across the screen of your mobile device. With that in mind, here are some gardening apps to look at before summer starts.

Vegetable Gardening Guide

If you like to grow your own vegetables, then this app will come in handy. The Vegetable Gardening Guide will tell you the tools you need to plant and maintain a vegetable garden. It also provides clear and detailed instructions on planting and maintaining the garden to produce the largest volume of vegetables possible. In addition to instructions, you also get nutritional data on various vegetables, and a broad selection of recipes.

Organic Gardening Magazine

Do you want to avoid the use of chemicals in your garden? The Organic Gardening Magazine app will provide you with plenty of information about how to control pests, lawn care, fertilize, and maximize harvest with organic methods. This is a well-known magazine that is now available on mobile devices as well as paper.

Garden Design Ideas

If you need an android app, Garden Design Ideas is great for helping you design your garden. It will help you take your garden from an empty, weedy lot to well-arranged, lush garden, all with one app.

Vegetable Gardening 101

The vegetable gardener with an android device can learn everything necessary for a healthy, productive garden with Vegetable Gardening 101. This app takes you through all of the steps you need to prepare your soil and to plant various vegetables.

Pocket Garden

Another app that gives you plenty of information about vegetables is the Pocket Garden. This tells you about every vegetable, where it grows best, and under what conditions it grows best. It also provides you with a log in which you can record your planting schedule and germination dates. You also can get tips for how to water and maintain your crops.

Landscaper’s Companion

Vegetable gardeners are not the only ones who have access to useful apps. Landscaper’s Companion is an excellent app that deals with shrubbery, trees, and landscape design. You can even plan your garden and house shape and even the location of your sectional garage doors. With access to information on over 25,000 plants, you can discover what grows best in your area, how and where to plant certain specimens, and how to maintain your plantings. You can even upload your own pictures and get feedback from other users of the app.

With all of the apps available for gardeners, you are sure to be able to find several that can help you grow a beautiful garden.


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