What Are The key Facts About Nespresso capsules?

What Are The key Facts About Nespresso capsules?

People who are fond of coffee love to slurp on it anytime. They always look forward to some of the best brands that manufacture high-grade coffee to relish. For all of them, Nespresso capsules are something that could satisfy their craving for fine-tasting coffee anytime. The wide range of great flavors and unbeatable quality is all that makes Nespresso Capsules worth to spend money.

Besides quality, the price of the capsule is also reasonable. Therefore it is considered perfect for all coffee lovers who constantly look for budget-friendly and superbly tasting coffee to start their day. Since the time Nespresso Capsules have come into the market, it has left a remarkable place. This is the reason why people always look forward to getting a little know-how about it.

Nespresso as a brand

It was in the year 2008 when Nespresso became the first ever roast and ground coffee brand that has managed to attain a global status. In the year 2010, it got the privilege to be chosen as the top Trusted Coffee Brand in Europe in a survey by the Rider’s Digest.  Today with its more than 270 exclusive coffee boutiques, it has got an international status in retail networking by offering coffe pods. Whatever, you can try at Hilinecoffee pods; it will make your day, for sure.

Size of the capsules

The size of the Nespresso capsules are designed in such a way that they fit with every coffee machine perfectly. You would never encounter any sort of problem while putting it into the slot. From moving the arms of the device to pressing the capsule, everything happens smoothly and leaves amazing aroma and flavor of coffee in the entire room.

Caffeine content in the capsules

The caffeine content in Nespresso capsules measures to be around 55 mg to 65 mg. Lungo, however, comprises 20% more coffee in each capsule and thereby has more caffeine content. Espresso, on the other hand, consists of the lowest caffeine content in it, out of all. However, the content also depends upon the ways coffee beans were roasted.

Calories in the capsules

People who are health conscious often wonder how many calories are present in each Nespresso capsule. It has been estimated that around 16 calories, 43 % fat content and 38 % carbohydrate content are present in each capsule. Besides, they are also equipped with 10 % protein. So overall it can be considered as a healthy option to gulp.

Different flavors

The most alluring fact with Nespresso capsule is their availability in different flavors and aroma. You can find 16 amazing flavors to pick and relish. Each flavor is unique and extraordinary in its own special ways. Some of them include Kaazar, Dharkan, Ristretto, Roma, and Arpeggio. Once you have them no wonder, you would feel addicted.

Price of the capsules

The price of capsules varies. Espresso and Lungos are the cheaper versions of the capsule while Grand Crus is a bit expensive. However, the one which is most expensive and meets the sophistication of the palate is Holiday Variation. You may choose the one as per your budget and enjoy.

Availability of capsules

Nespresso capsules have an excellent online marketplace. You may find them on different websites like Amazon or eBay. Besides, they are also available in their coffee boutique shops. You may order online and receive through mail or fax.

So, if coffee is all that you yearn throughout the day, Nespresso capsules could become your ultimate choice. All that you need is to select your favorite flavor and enjoy it anywhere, anytime.


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