5 Important Facts To Know About Sump Pump

5 Important Facts To Know About Sump Pump

A sump pump is essential for every home that has a basement or little space below the ground level. It is installed in the crawlspace and prevents seeping of water under and around the foundation into the basement. As soon the water in the sump pit reaches the threatening level especially during the rainy season, the pump activates. It drains the water away from the foundation of the house so that the home and the belongings remain dry and safe.

Sump pumps become necessary if you live in areas with high water tables, heavy rainfall or snowfall. It works wonder when the natural calamities like floods occur and create havoc.

Number of sump pumps needed for the basement

This is one of the major dilemmas which arises while installing a sump pump. However, it majorly depends upon the design of your basement and the waterproofing system it will require. The below-ground structure is little complicated and therefore need a proper inspection before installing sump pumps.  For more detail information regarding sump pump, you can read Securitysaint.com review

Another thing which needs consideration is know-how of sources of water and how it flows through the soil. The way flowing water interacts with structures also give an idea as to how many sump pump will be required. However, in general, anticipated flow and the area of the basement slab are taken into major consideration while installing a sump pump.

Level of submersing of sump pumps

There are two types of sump pumps viz., submersible and pedestal. In general, those which submerse are called as sump pumps. The submersible pumps are installed in the pump station below the basement slab in such a way that groundwater gravitates towards it. Submersible pump stations are concealed and usually have a longer lifespan as compared to the pedestal ones.

A sump pump is installed in a pump chamber and is completely for the basement purpose. It could have been submerged between 500 & 1300 mm below the basement slab level. It can go even deeper if required. However, in the majority of cases, the sump in groundwater application is level with the top of the structural slab.

Working of sump pump

The workability or functionality of sump pump entirely depends upon the rate of water ingress in the basement. Generally, it is considered that a sump pump should run less than once a day. If it is made up of high-grade materials, is efficient in work and designed with perfection running is not necessary every day. A properly constructed sump pump where extra care is taken with detailing of joints work wonders and function with utmost perfection.

Servicing of sump pump

It is advised to take extra care of the sump pump. If it is adequately maintained, the chances of its long lifespan increase. However, it is essential that skilled and qualified engineers should examine the sump pump after regular intervals. An annual checkup is perfect to retain the quality and workability of the sump pump intact.

Other than this, if you live in areas with the high water table, water drainage or places where the rainy season is more prevalent and your sump pump remain activated most of the time, examining it should be more frequent. If it is left unattended, the chances of your basement get flooded and belongings getting ruined increases. It will also lead to costly repairs afterward.

Battery backup with sump pump

No matter what the condition of electricity prevails in your area, a battery backup always offer peace of mind. It will ensure that the sump pump will run even when the power supply fails. It simply implies that the belongings will remain dry and thereby safe and secure forever.

In case you don’t install battery the chances that your belongings getting damaged when the water floods and sump pump stops working increases. Besides it also leads to costly repairs afterward. Therefore in case of power failure, a battery backup will provide hours of additional protection from water damage.

So these are some of the points to keep in mind while enquiring about the sump pump. Lastly, make sure that you install a high-quality device and thereby safeguard your property always.


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