Top 5 DIY Landscaping Ideas That Will Give You Money

Top 5 DIY Landscaping Ideas That Will Give You Money backyard

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As homeowners, we are constantly trying to figure out the best ways in which we can add value to our home without spending that much money.

We also know that a good landscaping project that enhances your garden or lawn can add an incredible 20% to the total value of your property. That is the same added value you can get by remodeling your kitchen!

So, get ready to boost your creativity and handiness with these 5 amazing landscaping ideas that can make you money without investing a lot.

1. Play with Shapes

Geometry is your best friend. You can cut the lawn in the form of a geometrical shape, waves or spiral patterns that will bring a really interesting and original look to your garden.

Remember to take time to clearly mark the shape you want to cut by using strings and using a top-quality spade to make clean cuts. This project is not only quick to do but also really economic if not completely free.

2. Perennials Are Your Best Friends

The best thing about most perennial plants like geraniums or anstrantia, is that they can be divided. This will result in your garden developing great puffy and colorful flower beds that will bring both the fanciness and sophistication of an English garden forth for half the price.

3. Trees Count

Trees are not only inexpensive, the cost-benefit balance is one of the best in comparison with other types of plants. Small trees that are ornamental like Crab apple or Juneberry can do a lot to improve the overall look of any green corner, while boosting up the price value of your property.

4. Create Pathways with Gravel

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Not only is gravel cheaper than pavement, but the appearance will make pathways and patio surfaces look more natural. The only thing you need is to prepare the surface by scraping away loose soil and grass bits.

You might consider using a permeable membrane fabric roll to stop the weeds from surfacing to the level. Keep in mind that a large bag of gravel will cover up to 20 square meters of terrain, so you don’t end up buying more than necessary.

5. Add Personal Touches

Don’t miss the chance to add personal touches by recycling old material as well as old parts of furniture. If you have some Christmas lights that you barely use, this is the right time for exploring the potential to light up your garden.

You can also use old containers to create pots for your leafy friends. The sky’s the limit on this, so don’t miss the opportunity to look around your basement. See if you have any old rusty tools that you don’t use anymore. These old paraphernalia’s can be turned into DIY ornaments that will add a unique touch to your garden.

Finally if you live in the city of Edmonton, don’t miss the chance to visit our friends at Terra Nova Landscaping Edmonton. They have a unique level of expertise that is capable of offering you great ways to create a functional landscape that have the potential to take your house value up to the next level.


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