Special perfumes and where to find them

Special perfumes and where to find them

Looking for special perfumes but you do not know where to find them? It’s simple: fragrances made by Francesca dell’Oro! The brand new all-Italian line with strong experiences in the field of fashion and design of its creator who loves combining contrasts in timeless harmonies. Pulse of Perfumery can also be a great option if you are into branded perfumes.

Francesca dell’Oro: poetess not of words but of fragrances

Francesca dell’Oro is a true poetess who combines olfactory notes. She goes in search of unique ingredients which are combined in a contrast that goes beyond time, combining present and past into a sensory harmony.

OneMore and Bihaku. Two antipodal worlds that are combined with an ethereal bridge of passion whose strength is given by the elegance of their formulas.

Irupé. The art of flowers transformed into perfume to wear. It represents the transparency of the water in which the flower heart of this essence resides, leaving a powerful and elegant olfactory trace.

Rosementhe. A rose crystallized in the hard ice of the Nordic lands, transported by the Mediterranean raw materials of its olfactory pyramid.

Ice Yasmill. Petals of crystalline ice in which the precious and intense raw materials give life to a composition full of joy and lightness.

White Plumage. Delicate as a warm and soft hug. It is suspended between adult sensuality and spontaneous carefree typical of adolescence.

Voile Confit e Rubia Sucrée. A step for two reserved for the best dancers who move on notes of candied fruit, vanilla and almond.

Lullaby. A sensual and innocent fruit kiss, soft and greedy as that of a young impudent and light woman.

Fleurdenya. A scream of floral obsessions, clear and powerful.

Page 29. A juice that tastes of life, of the fragrance of the heart of Francesca dell’Oro. A secret diary that somehow lets itself be discovered through resins, leather and flowers.

Ambrosine. Soft and enveloping scent like cashmere, which becomes a single thing with the wearer’s skin.

Francesca dell’Oro’s perfumes: liquid emotions

The goal of the perfume poet is to create liquid emotions that sublimate from the skin through the path of contrast. Contrast that reveals the beauty of the elements which compose it. The elements in some ancestral complement each other, consequently they could not exist separately.

Therefore it is an endless journey in which she is always looking for new ingredients, one for every emotional nuance of the sensory universe. A fragrance is the invisible accessory that somehow we see and that evokes timeless feelings.

A special packaging like FDO perfumes

The concept of elegance expressed in a perfume continues through the design of the bottle sculpted in the crystal of Sonia Pedrazzini. It wants to be a tribute to Tamara de Lempicka, an emancipated painter of the twentieth century who, with her cubist paintings, revolutionizes the artistic panorama of the time.

We could define the perfume bottle as a multifaceted gem that becomes a Pandora’s box that contains timeless essences and reveal the secrets of the soul. This container thanks to its lines, becomes a prism that reflects light and precious fragrances from its front while the back, just to continue the contrasts, is round and polished.

All these wonderful secrets are finally sealed by a cap in zamak (zinc-based alloy), black, glossy and compact.


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