5 Tips to Caring For a New Pet

5 Tips to Caring For a New Pet

Owning a new dog is like adding another child into your family. Such a dog can really warm up your home. While having a new canine is fun, taking care of it can be an overwhelming experience to a beginner. In fact, a dog has both emotional and physical needs that need to be tended to just like those of human beings. The problem is that most beginners tend to ignore the most essential needs and in some cases, overdo some stuff. There are dog owners that give their dogs too much food but forget to provide water. This is just one example of how first time dog owners fail to maintain a balance when taking care of their k9. Below are tips that can guide you when bringing a new dog into your home.

  1. Prepare the Dwelling Place

If you are adopting a dog that will be living with you inside the house, there is not much you can do. All you have to do is be ready to toilet train and reserve a few blankets that will keep your pet warm during cold weather. Besides that, you will have to ensure that there are no lose or naked electric wires that can harm your dog. However, if you want a dog that will remain caged, you will have to make its kennel. The kennel must have an overhead roof to protect the dog from bad weather. You will also need to make arrangements to have the kennel cleaned at least once or twice in a week.

  1. Feed the Dog Well

You can’t feed your dog whenever you feel like doing so. This is because you might give him too much food. Excessive feeding makes your pet vulnerable to diseases such as diabetes, arthritis and heart disease. It’s actually recommended that you only feed him in the morning and in the evening. And even if he stares at you when you are eating something, don’t give him because he will definitely want more. As a matter of fact, you should avoid sharing your food with the dog. Some of the things we humans indulge in are not safe for dogs. For instance, giving him a portion of your chocolate is enough to send him into the emergency room.

  1. Provide Drinking Water

The dog needs as much water as you do. This is because there are metabolic processes that take place inside its body that can’t function without adequate supply of water. A dog that rarely drinks water will constantly suffer from constipation due to poor digestion. Moreover, water is needed when the weather is too hot because it helps in keeping the body hydrated to compensate for the water that is lost during perspiration. You must therefore put water in a large bowl everyday and put it next to the food to ensure the dog will be able to quench his thirst when the need arises.

  1. Visit the Vet Regularly

Most first time dog owners imagine that the canine should only be taken to the vet when it’s sick. In fact, you should for regular visits to Pharr Road Animal Hospital. This is because it’s important for a dog to be screened more often. Such checkups help in detecting diseases early. The other advantage is that your dog can be vaccinated against common illnesses. When you get used to taking your dog to the clinic more often, you will never be shocked by diseases because the vet will do an exclusive screening that normally helps in unmasking conditions that are still under incubation period.

  1. Keep Your Dog Well Groomed

A dog that’s never groomed smells awful and looks ugly. You must therefore dedicate some time for grooming your dog. For a start, you will need to bathe him once in a week. You will need to use liquid soap and shampoo because they help in eradicating pests. Long nails will also need to be trimmed with a nail cutter to prevent them from breaking. Remember such nails can be used to damage the finish of your furniture. In addition to that, it’s recommended you comb his fur to remove the shedding.


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