7 Ways To Decorate Your Home With Window Films

7 Ways To Decorate Your Home With Window Films light

Windows are an important component in your home. Not only do these provide light and ventilation to different rooms in your home but windows can also improve the aesthetic value of your home and your property. By choosing the right kind of windows, you’ll be able to complement the overall theme of your home or use these as your home’s focal point. However, regardless of how expensive or classy your windows are, there will be instances when you’d grow tired of looking at the same window for years. You’d want to give your home a makeover by changing how your windows look. But instead of removing your current windows, replacing these with new ones and repeating the cycle every now and then, decorating your home with window films might be a cheaper and faster solution.

Several businesses, like www.windowfilmdepot.com, offer a wide variety of styles and designs when it comes to your window film needs. These options make it easy for you to find one which suits your style preferences and your home’s architecture. To help you decide which style and designs to pick, consider the following design ideas for your home using window films:

  1. Practical glass surfaces: A glass window which offers a tinted view from the outside (people out can’t see what you’re doing inside) is an effortless way of maintaining your privacy. This also allows you to hide all of the mess you have inside your home – just in case you still didn’t have the motivation to do any spring cleaning. Using window films like these provide a clean and modern look to your home while having an uninterrupted view of what’s outside.
  2. Frosted view for privacy at the bathroom: Unlike the window films you’ll use in your living or dining areas, you’ll need to use one which is a little different for your bathroom. This is one area of your home where you’d want to maintain privacy – and applying a frosted window film can be an easy solution. You can use frosted window films in all of the windows in your bathrooms and even in your bathroom door if these have glass panels. Using frosted window films guarantees that you’ll have the perfect balance of privacy and aesthetics.
  3. Mimic the look of etched glass: Etched glass have been used in the medieval times as a shield to keep away patrons from bars. If you’re fascinated by this era and you want your home to have the same theme, opt to use window films which are acid-etched. Since this doesn’t completely cover your windows or doors, you can still have a peek of the outside. If you’re planning to have this kind of window film customized, you can even come up with your design.
  4. Add privacy in your front door sidelights: Having a Craftsman-style door can be your home’s accent. Because this kind of door makes a statement, using one can easily impress guests while giving them a preview of what your home’s interior are. However, a Craftsman-style door can also compromise your privacy since you’re giving passerby the opportunity to sneak inside your home. Don’t let this stress you out. Use a decorative window film that maintains your home’s privacy and your entryway’s schemes.
  5. Obscure kitchen cabinet contents: Everyone knows that you have a kitchen cabinet in your home but they don’t have to know what’s inside. After all, highlighting unmatched silverware through your kitchen cabinet can be embarrassing, right? Save yourself from being in this situation by using glass-front window films. This kind of window film hides all of your kitchenware by making your cabinet fuzzy-looking.
  6. Decorate with faux stained glass: Stained glass windows are commonly seen in large7 Ways To Decorate Your Home With Window Films churches and chapels. Using this type of window brings life to any infrastructure – and your home is no exemption. Several businesses sell faux stained glass as window films. This can be a perfect way of revamping an old glass cabinet and a large sliding window or door.
  7. Highlight a window with colorful corners: Installing several windows in a wall can provide a view but installing window films in the right places of the window can become the view. If you want to decorate your home in a unique way, use window films in the corners of your windows only. Opt to use window films which have colorful and geometric designs for this purpose.

Small Changes Can Go A Long Way

When you’re a homeowner, it’s typical that you would want your home and property to look great all the time – your home is probably your greatest investment up to date! And while there are several ways for you to achieve this goal, using window films for this purpose should be on top of your list. These are versatile and cheap, but its effects can make your home look like new!


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