Learn the Rules of a Proper Dog Training from Max Polyakov

Learn the Rules of a Proper Dog Training from Max Polyakov

It is not a secret a clever dog is a dream of many pet owners. It gives them confidence in the dog’s behavior and great results in all types of competitions. Moreover those who devote enough time to favourite animals will:

  • Improve survival skills;
  • Establish good relationships;
  • Improve sociable behavior;
  • Enhance friendship.

Isn’t it a reason to start training right now? Max Polyakov’s Firefly knows what it is all about.

Tips on making training easier

Training as any other process should be planned beforehand. Max Polyakov says there are things that can help to achieve necessary results quicker and easier. Let’s see at them closer:

  1. It happens that the process doesn’t take place as a coach has been dreaming about. That’s why patience is the first and the most significant point for both. Never shout or hit the dog. Such actions will prevent the animal from trusting the coach so no good results can be expected.
  2. Medical checkup. Any dog should be showed to the vet who will examine a pet and even recommend definite competitions to take part in.
  3. Constant trainings. Max Polyakov is sure that only regular trainings can lead to the final success. Moreover a coach should also go on learning how to become excellent trainer. Never stop practicing. Take breaks and start from the very beginning.
  4. It should be noticed that trainings can and even must be entertaining. Keep the dog’s attention with simple and easy to understand commands. Max Polyakov recommend to train from 5 to 10 minutes. If everything is good then make every new exercise more challenging but still quite interesting.
  5. Animals like people love praise. It gives them inspiration and confidence in own potential. Don’t forget to praise a dog. It will increase chances for expected success.

What exercises can help to get necessary result

Max Polyakov states that quickness exercises will play into trainer’s hands. All that is necessary to have – a dog over 18 months, regular practice and knowledge of the following drills.

  • Tunnel: any kids’ tunnel will be suitable for dog to creep through;
  • Teeter boards: use some wood sections as obstacles;
  • Pause table: feel free to take any coffee table for exercising;
  • Dog walk: a standard barbeque place is okay to use as a dog walk.
  • Tire pump: take ordinary bicycle tire and hang it to the tree. Make sure the hole is big enough for the dog to go through.

These are not all possible exercises a pet owner can practice. Just mind all recommendations and let the imagination work. It is amazing but almost every object can assist in making training entertaining and interesting.


There are so many contests the dog can participate in. Among the most popular are: dock diving, flyball, disc dog, lure coursing etc. Anyway a coach should follow some basic principles. Choose a definite strategy and apply it every day. Have no mood today? Take a break and start again. Be attentive with a proper diet and sleeping duration for the dog. These points are very important as well.

Max Polyakov thinks that every detail influences the overall result while preparing for the contest. There is no right for the mistake. Learn to understand own pet as only this will help to get excellent cooperation. Stay positive and the dog will definitely like trainings.


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