5 Fun and Unique Bucks Night Ideas in Sydney

5 Fun and Unique Bucks Night Ideas in Sydney

Well known to be the craziest party spot in Australia, Sydney is the perfect spot for a bucks night out for you and your guys! As the last night of fun for the groom, there are so many styles to choose from! From poker tournaments to go karting, boat parties to strip clubs, you are sure to find great activities to keep you entertained all night long.

1. Go Karting

Begin your bucks weekend in Sydney with a timeless classic, a go karting trip on an indoor or outdoor track. Home to the 600 V8’s motor race, the Sydney is sure to provide a great time for the first of many bucks activities as it gets your competitive juices flowing while breaking the ice between your guys who may not know each other at the same time.

2. Brewery Tour

Next up, why not grab a few cold ones as you go directly to the source on a bucks brewery tour. Take a closer look at local breweries, enjoy some tastings and grab a bite to eat all at the same time! This is a great way to begin any bucks weekend in Sydney!

3. Golfing

Afterwards, head on over to the golf course for another great bucks activities. Take a stroll around the fairways, hit a few balls, and don’t forget to bring along some of the greatest looking lady caddies you’ll ever see. This is a great activity for your guys to break the ice as they bond over poor swings and missed shots.

Those who are looking for an easier game of golf should Top Golf. Created in 2016, the game requires players to hit micro-chipped balls at targets that resemble giant dartboards in order to score points. The closer your ball lands to the bullseye and the further the board is from your starting point, the more points you earn. The entire game takes place in bays, much like a driving range, all while waiters take care of you and your guys.

4. Party Boat

When you get tired of partying on land, try it on the water for a more private atmosphere! Sydney is famous for its boat party cruises around Surfers Paradise. Grab a cold drink and surprise your guests with these beautiful topless waitresses, ready to take care of your every need. Just sit back and let the energetic and outgoing ladies do all the work, offering special treatment to the bucks! With so many yacht packages to choose from you are sure to find the perfect one for your party. From the smaller Catalina style to the largest yacht fitting 40 people, all you have to do is lay on the deck and enjoy the fully stocked fridge.

5. Pub Crawl

No party is complete without the traditional pub crawl! With over 400 people out and about on any given night throughout the party town, you and your guys are sure to have a great night out! Make sure to include some adult entertainment on your night out and see some energetic and outgoing strippers in one of their live shows. Go VIP and add some food and drink to make sure your guys have the energy to stay out all night long!

It is suggested to start the planning process a few months in advance. No worries if your party date is close though, last minute bookings can be done! Planned daytime activities are a must in order to pace yourselves drinking so that the bars and clubs will let you in later!


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