3 Benefits to Using a Dog Muzzle

3 Benefits to Using a Dog Muzzle

Most dogs dread wearing a muzzle. This is because the gear prevents them from biting and barking. It’s generally agreed upon that a muzzle is the best remedy for taming aggressive behavior in dogs. When your canine friend’s mouth is enclosed in a muzzle, your peace of mind is guaranteed. You don’t have to worry that he will bite other pets or people.  In fact, there are some states that require dog owners to muzzle their canines when going to public places.

The gear also comes in handy when you want to relocate your dog without attracting a lot of attention. Even vets recommend that you first muzzle your pet before taking him to the clinic for medical examination. The problem is that most dog owners think that a muzzle is just an optional dog accessory that’s cruel. Below is a list of benefits of using a muzzle.

  1. Prevents Injury to Other Pets and People

Dogs are wired to be territorial. They will therefore not hesitate to attack any animal or human being that attempts to invade their space. If you know that your canine is aggressive towards strangers including kids, it’s recommended you use dog muzzle for barking to ensure that it doesn’t injure or scare either of the people around you, especially when travelling. The good thing is that most airlines and commuter trains allow passengers to travel alongside their dogs as long as the pet remains muzzled throughout the journey. In case you didn’t know, a dog that’s not muzzled is a walking liability. In case the dog bites someone or damages staff say at a grocery store, the victim can sue you for compensation. Besides that, using a muzzle prevents the dog from making noise due to barking.

  1. Stress Free Medical Procedures and Grooming

When your dog is sick or has an injury, you must take it to the nearest vet clinic. The pain that’s caused by an injury can make your canine to be hostile even to the owner. It’s difficult for a vet to treat such a dog because it might bite without a warning. In fact, if a vet notices that your pet is aggressive, he will ask you to get a muzzle before he begins examining it. In case a medical procedure is painful, the dog will definitely react by biting the vet. That’s why most vets insist on muzzling because it’s the only way of being on the safe side. There are some dogs that need to be muzzled during grooming sessions, especially when the nails need to be trimmed and the fur combed.

  1. Quick Recovery

Dogs like leaking their own wounds. This habit can slow down the healing process. When the dog is leaking a wound, its teeth might accidentally scratch the tissues of the wound or pull out the stitches. With a muzzle in place a wound will heal much faster because the dog’s mouth can’t reach the affected part of the body. The good thing is that muzzles come with an adjustable strap and buckle so that the owner can fasten the gear accordingly.


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