Handbag Battle Royale

Handbag Battle Royale

When selecting an outfit for the day, it is equally as important to select a handbag that completes the ensemble. Today, there are hundreds of haute-couture handbags to choose from, but figuring out which one is the best to complete a look is a true artform. There’s a reason that people hire personal stylists to make such decisions for them! There are countless high-fashion options that complete a look, and some are better for certain situations than others.

When to Choose a Clutch

A clutch is an ideal handbag to choose for a night on the town or with any more formal outfit. These accent evening gowns nicely, not detracting from the overall look by having too much happening at the hand. Clutches are also wonderful if you do not plan on carrying many possessions with you for the event in question, so plan accordingly if you intend on wearing a clutch with your outfit.

It is also normal to wear a clutch with a long strap or chain so that it does not always have to be held in hand, rather it can be worn on the hip. This would be fashionable if the color and / or the fabric of the purse accents the color and / or fabric of the rest of the outfit. This is also helpful for those that talk with their hands as it leaves the hands free for gestures.

When to Choose a Mini Backpack

These are some of the most trendy bags available on the market, and they prove themselves highly useful in a majority of situations. Mini backpacks are often made of high-quality material, so buying one would be an investment that would eventually pay itself off in use.

These are also appropriate if you do not plan on packing a lot of things with you. Because they are backpacks, they are excellent at featuring the outfit at hand without taking anything away from the look in the front. They also have a unique security feature in that in a threatening area or during a time when the wearer feels unsafe, the backpack can temporarily be worn in front of the wearer so that it is harder to pickpocket or take off of the wearer entirely.

When to Choose a Bucket Bag

Bucket bags are great because they differ from all of the options on this list so far in one vitally important way: they have a large capacity. Because they are larger in size than the other two options listed so far, they also provide a unique opportunity for a wearer to flaunt a particular brand of bag, so this is perfect for the fashionista that wants to show brand loyalty as well as make a fashion statement. Bucket bags are also convenient in that they have short straps, so the bag can be held close to the hand. This means the person holding the bucket bag is bound to feel any movement, so it is always safe to have.

Bucket bags are yet another handbag option that can accent a person’s outfit. If you choose a bucket bag from a specific designer, they are bound to especially go with that designer’s clothes. They can also work as pops of color.

No matter what type of handbag you choose, be sure to invest in a high-quality bag from a trusted retailer, and always make sure that your belongings are safe at all times. Hopefully this helped end the handbag battle royale!


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