3 Most Expensive Places to Live in Dubai

3 Most Expensive Places to Live in Dubai

Cost of living is getting higher in Dubai, and if we talk about the real estate market, then new ventures in the city are becoming more profitable for the investors. Although the competition is prevailing the city and most of the developers have started offering new discounted prices to the people who dream of the luxury living, but after considering the final market report of Dubai’s real estate market, it has been found that the competition is not cutting down the prices of properties, in contrast, it raises the price tags of luxury units because of providing the most lavish and expensive material in finishing of villas and condos. This particular inversion of the market has lured many international investors to invest in this city, but on the other hand, the reduction of real estate prices should be considered too.

That being said, chill out and have a look around a few of Dubai’s most high-priced properties, in accordance with real estate experts’ listings. Hopefully, you like your comprehension of most of these spectacular estates and awe-inspiring condominiums as much as we do.

1.  Dubai’s Priciest Suite on The Market – Alluring Emirates Hills

When you’re thinking of big rollers, they don’t get better than Emirates Hills – also known as most luxurious living standards of Dubai, which is exactly where this wonderful forty-three, thousand squares. Feet. 6-bedroom accommodation in Emirates Hills is proudly located and exactly where you will certainly find lots of Dubai’s most high-priced houses. The selling price is an awesome AED 170M, however for that, you’re going to get all that living space, a stunning backyard, easy access to Emirates Hills’ renowned gated scenery and amenities, and a number of various other first-class facilities. If this price is a bit out of your spending plan, you can have a look at various other houses for sale in Emirates Hills, exactly where price ranges these days start from AED 4.65M for any moderate, fairly speaking, 5,000 squares. Feet. 3-bed suite.

Emirates Hills hosts not just one, but a couple of top-notch golf clubs – The Emirates Club and the Address Montgomerie Club, and that means you are ruined for an option in terms of rich environmentally friendly places and vistas of rolling hillsides, and, living space to respire and unwind. The good thing about Emirates Hills is the marvelous location, which feels like a privileged country club, though close to the action. The shopping mall of the Emirates is actually less than 20 mins away in a car, Dubai Marina fifteen minutes, as is Ibn Battuta Local mall. Media City is also nearer at just ten mins away, while captains of the market can easily be in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) in about 30 minutes.

2.  Dubai Hills Are Full of Life with The Sounds of Home Ambitions

Emirates Hills is merely fifteen years old, which is relatively older by Dubai development benchmarks, and contains new, youthful sister advancement, set away from the coast, that provides equally luxurious houses for higher-net-worth people searching for some significant gated neighborhood extravagance. The incredible 7-bed 25,860 square. Feet. Hills Grove suite has several significant whoa factor, more luxuriously equipped, massive areas of living space, breathtaking vistas over the subtle environmentally friendly hills that give the progression to its name, along with a big, non-public swimming pool.

The house is now outlined for a miniscule AED 98M, but since the district gets as proven as its elder sister Emirates Hills, selling prices are usually prone to skyrocket. Hills Grove belongs to the exclusive Dubai Hills Estate. Luxury villas easily obtainable in Dubai Hills Estate set forth from a rather less expensive AED 1.8M for any 4-bed 4,962 square. Feet. House in Park Heights. Once complete, Dubai Hills Estate is actually due to building its very own golf course in addition to a top-class tennis court, together with a host of some other premium features, and it is for that reason prone to top several future listings of Dubai’s most high-priced houses.

3.  Tallest Scraper Burj Khalifa Has Got the Highest Priced Condo

It is usually no real surprise to know that the best condo in Dubai, the entire world in fact, as it’s in the world’s highest tower, has the highest asking price – breakthrough that best example of the UAE and Dubai’s tremendous ethnic accomplishments, Burj Khalifa, the location where the 107th and 108th floor 30,986 square. Feet. 12-bed penthouse in Burj Khalifa shows up on the market for a nice AED 75,800,000, the costliest condo in Dubai.

The treats of residing in The downtown area Dubai need no guide to frequent visitors of this blog, but to invigorate your reminiscence, the world’s leading retail center, The Dubai Mall, is actually on your front doorstep, with the classical Souk Al Bahar, and the spectacular societal heart, the Dubai Opera. You’re guaranteed to get the best top row seats for the district’s spectacular New Year’s festivities, which ignite the town with amazing light and pyrotechnic shows.

Buying this condominium is like having ownership of a distinctive piece of the executive history, not only of Dubai or perhaps the UAE but the exceptional early twenty-first-century growth and development of the area on the whole. Well, if you want to have a glimpse of masterpiece then this LuxuryProperty.com piece is no different, it is unique, roomy and beyond the imaginations. So, find your first luxury living in one of the communities mentioned above, these communities compete with the standards of others around the world.


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