5 Hearty Ideas For A Sumptuous Easter Brunch

5 Hearty Ideas For A Sumptuous Easter Brunch waffles

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Easter is one of the few holidays that’s celebrated with a family brunch. These meals don’t need to be complicated, although they do typically include a meal filled with ham, potatoes, and other hearty foods. If you truly want to make this Easter brunch different than others, you’ll need to think a little outside of the box. Here are five tasty meal suggestions that your family will enjoy.

1) Waffles Made of Carrot Cake

Yes, you read that right. This waffle recipe tastes just like carrot cake, which is a typical Easter dessert. However, instead of just saving this carrot-y goodness for dessert, feel free to turn it into a hearty breakfast. Serve your carrot cake waffles alongside some warmed maple syrup and a healthy dose of butter. You can even go all out and include some eggs and ham in the meal.

2) Orange Sweet Rolls

This is a bit more of a dessert, although it will make a great pre-Easter brunch breakfast as well. All that you need to do is make some standard sweet rolls and then serve them alongside a tasty orange marmalade. Even better, you can bake them with the marmalade on top. It will melt and sink right into the rolls themselves. The orange goes well with the cinnamon and other flavors to become a heavenly treat.

3) Eggs Benedict With Arugula

Eggs Benedict can be served for Easter brunch. If you want to make this unique, yet tasty dish into something a bit different, prepare some arugula and serve it on the side. You can even make a salad with some fresh spring greens and other veggies to go along with the eggs Benedict. This dish will make everyone in your family quite happy – and it’s easier to make than a typical Easter ham and potato meal.

5 Hearty Ideas For A Sumptuous Easter Brunch

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4) Baked Orzo with Bacon and Spinach

This dish ends up looking kind of like a quiche, but with some alternative touches. The baked orzo, a type of noodle, ends up in a casserole dish alongside cooked and chopped bacon, some shredded spinach, and even some eggs. Cook the pasta, combine your ingredients, top with cheese, and then bake. You’ll be thrilled that you did when your family digs into this Easter brunch casserole. They won’t even miss the more traditional meal options once they taste this one.

5) Quinoa Salad With Cranberries and Kale

Finally, if there are any vegetarians coming to your Easter brunch, you’ll need to be prepared. This quinoa salad complete with raw kale and some cranberries won’t need any additional salad dressing. It’s a great combination of crunchy and sweet (and a little sour, based on the cranberries) that will make any health food lover or vegetarian quite happy. On top of that, it contains items from several different food groups, including grains (the quinoa), fruit (the cranberries), and vegetables (the kale.) The results are a great alternative for your Easter brunch table.


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