How to Design the Perfect Study Space in Your House

How to Design the Perfect Study Space in Your House

The best way to utilize free space in your house is by planning a study in there. Study rooms help you get in the zone and right frame of mind, whether you’re planning on working or studying for the night. It is ideal for you kids and their study routine and works equally well for you too when you need some time off to work on something.

Here are 5 ways to design the ideal study space for your house.

1. A Comfortable Chair

Goes without saying, a comfortable chair is the most important element of any study space. The wrong posture not only poses significant threats to your health but also creates discomfort and unwanted pressure on the back while studying. If you’re not looking for a big investment in renovating your study space right now, you can always purchase inexpensive alternatives. If you’ll be spending long hours in the study working or studying, it is essential to look after your back, neck and hips, which comprise of the major pressure points in our body. Long hours of sitting can lead to chronic back and neck pain, which can be controlled considerably with a good study chair. For example, Serta executive is a comfortable chair for studying and this is perfect for those on a budget.

2. Cork Boards

Who doesn’t love cork boards? Sure the Reminders App in your phone is technically the same thing but nothing beats the good old cork boards that have all your messages to self on display. Whether its your study schedule, you exam date sheet or simply a reminder for doctor’s appointment, cork boards give your study a conventional look. Since your study space isn’t the place to hang paintings and photos, cork boards fill up the space in a useful way, without deflecting from the overall theme.

3. Sufficient Storage Space

What many people fail to take into account while planning a study room is sufficient storage for all your necessary items. Remember, your study room can also be used alternatively as a store, therefore you need to ensure that you have more than sufficient storage space in there.

Shelf height is a key feature you would want to work on before purchasing the wooden rack. Make sure there are multiple drawers under the desk to store stationery items or other stuff you might need while reading. Similarly, get a wooden rack with multiple shelves to store books and archives.

4. Bright Lighting

Just as troublesome as a bad chair is insufficient lighting. Less lighting in the study room incurs strain on your eyes, ultimately affecting your eyesight adversely. Therefore, planning the lighting is essential when furnishing your study. Although bright ceiling lights are ideal, if you’re not renovating the room, you can always place lamps on the sides with high voltage bulbs that lighten up the area.

It is also important that light controls are somewhere near the seating area for your own convenience.

5. Sound Proofing

This may seem like an additional expense for the time being, but in the longer run, you can always soundproof your room. This is something that needs to be experienced before you can be completely convinced into doing so. If you live in an area with a noisy neighborhood and lots of hustle and bustle, your sound proof study can be the perfect place to enjoy some peace.

Studying for an exam or simply reading a book is enjoyed best when there are no distractions. A soundproof study room ensures that you are able to fully concentrate on your work or study.


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