Best tips for safeguarding your Brazilian hair

Best tips for safeguarding your Brazilian hair

Wigs and hair extensions have been around for a long, long time. However, only recently the market has flourished. Nowadays it’s not uncommon for celebrities to wear them in public and openly it. Brazilian hair products are no longer seen as something that is there to simply there to make you prettier. Instead they’ve became a global fashion trend.

Even with all the upsides of such a stunning hair, there is one big drawback. They can easily shed due to negligence. While some women put the blame on manufacturer, we should never forget that natural Brazilian hair is practically the same as our own hair; it is affected by the same things and thus damaged by the same things. We cannot simply put it on our head and forget about it. Instead, these products require constant care.

In order to help you out, we’ve made this article with some great tips. Read on!

Applying the hair

 Applying a wig or hair extension seems simple enough. But it isn’t. There are certain things you have to know and its best if you go to a professional who can do it instead. Just by making a small blunder you may end up running it. This may lead to a wig or hair extensions falling off early. It may also cause tension to your real hair which in turn will lead to breakage.

Avoiding the heat

Like our own hair, Brazilian hair items don’t react well to heat or anything else that can potentially dry them out. Ironing and other heat appliances may be great for styling but are horrible for hair. Make sure to avoid them whenever possible. If you do decide to use one of these hair tools, you will have to put a thermal protection spray beforehand.

Cleaning the hair

Regardless of what type of hair you have or if you’re using some foreign products, you need to clean them regularly. Always keep in mind that your scalp needs lots of attention and just by the fact that you have some new hair extensions doesn’t mean you should neglect your own head.

When washing your hair make sure to use mild natural products. Strong chemicals are always bed. In fact, conditioner is much better here as it provides enough moisture. When washing hair make sure to washing from the roots downwards. Everything should be done by hand. Also make sure to untangle any tangles you might have. Rinsing is equally important as you don’t want to have any chemicals lying on your Brazilian hair. Once you’re done, you need to dry it properly but if possible without using a hair dryer.

Combing the hair

You need to be careful when combing hair. It’s much better if you do it on hair that is little moist instead of completely dry. Combs with wide teeth are perfect as they will allow you to style the hair without leading to too much tension and potential breakage.


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