How to Pass a Marijuana Drug Test Quick and Fast (a full guide)

How to Pass a Marijuana Drug Test Quick and Fast (a full guide)

There comes a time in every weed users life when they receive an unexpected career opportunity or a request for a urine test from an existing job. Due to the unexpected nature of the said opportunity or request–panic sets in. Most weed users that aren’t actively employed bother to find out how to pass one of these tests. As much as we feel marijuana brings nothing to the table unless it’s medicinal, we also believe that sometimes, when one gets an opportunity one may be on a better road. We also believe that the fear of getting caught using in the midst of gainful employment could straighten one out. So, for these good reasons and a little faith in humanity, we’ll tell you how do you pass a drug test for weed quick and fast.

Steps to passing a marijuana test quick and fast:

There are a few things to consider prior to taking a marijuana urine test. This is important because there is no real universal way of doing it so you’ll have to take some responsibility for some preliminary education.

  • What’s the levels of metabolites left by THC are they testing for?
  • What type of test are they using?
  • How much do you consume of THC and how high are your levels against what they’re testing for.
  • Knowing your body-fat to THC Metabolite storage ratio. Unfortunately there is no way to actively know this.
  • What ya tokin? High quality flower or low quality schwag? Makes a world of difference.

Steps to Follow:

Again, a disclaimer–there are several types of test and we can tell you this–apart from the aforementioned list– there is one thing to know: Pop tests are currently failed the most because you may not have time to cleanse yourself as you should. If you have at least 3 days you stand a better chance.

  • Purchase creatinine and the 3 B complex vitamins. Take them immediately and  don’t flush the crap out of your body with water. The vitamins and creatinine will turn your urine yellow and keep creatinine levels to a unsuspecting level. Ahh, so you thought they were just looking for THC? Nope, not so there are many telltale signs and clear urine is also one of them. Since legalization–drug tests have been tougher in states in the US where it’s still illegal and in other parts of the world.
  • If the above is too expensive or you have access to a pharmacy with cleansers that already contain the aforementioned elements in the correct amounts then buy one and use it closely as directed. We must note that it’s still not a guarantee that you’ll pass because this only works through dilution. Anything but a urine test will fail.
  • Don’t exercise! The THC metabolites in the blood will get pushed back into the bloodstream. So, don’t think you’ll sweat it out this only works when there’s enough time prior to testing–like weeks.
  • Make sure you urinate a second or two max into the bowl then into the cup. Cut off the urine stream close to the end as well and into the bowl.
  • There is also fake synthetic urine and hair strand toxin remover available but this is a risk. If caught it’s just as bad as if you failed. In fact, it’s worse, it just means you took a calculated effort to deceive so fat chance you’ll be trusted again.

Do it the natural way if you have time:

  1. Exercise so that by the time the test time arrives, you will have shifted your metabolism in a short time.
  2. Drink water but not more than 2-3 litres a day. Too much water dilutes the blood to a dangerous level. Yes, you can die from drinking too much water.
  3. Don’t eat things that are high in fat, sodium or sugar. Those foods will weigh your body down and cause your metabolism to slow down. Instead, eat a lot of vegetables and anything that has high fiber.

In Conclusion:

The one thing we can ask you to ask yourself is–if you have opportunities that you’ve applied for or have a good thing going on at work then is it really worth it? Are you willing to risk what’s giving you a lifestyle for a day or two to just mello the stress? Think of it this way–the same stress will be there when you come down from the high. So, if you lose a job or an opportunity or worse-yet–get a police record then you’ve succeeded in only one thing–compounding the stress.


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