How much you actually need to travel to the USA

How much you actually need to travel to the USA

    In every person’s bucket list there’s the wish to travel to the USA and get to know all the amazing cities, locations and National Parks this great country has to offer.

   However, from wishing to travel to the USA to actually do it, there is a LOT of planning, and perhaps the most important thing you should take into consideration is, how much do you actually need to travel through the USA?

   This can be a very tricky question, since it depends on way too many factors. But don’t worry, we’ve put together a very informative list to help you create a budget and know how much (more or less) you’ll need to travel.

Plane tickets costs.

   If you live within the US, plane tickets are way cheaper, since you’ll be traveling within the country, and not overseas. Prices can vary depending on your destination, but you can estimate roughly 300$ on plane tickets.

   Now, if you’re traveling from another country (let it be a visa waiver country or not), it will be more expensive. Depending on where you’re coming from, plane tickets can be all the way from 500$ to 1000$.

   Other than spending on accommodation, plane tickets will usually be the most expensive part of your whole trip, so it’s always a good idea to keep that in mind.

Accommodation Costs.

  Like we mentioned, accommodation usually takes up the most of your money, especially if you’re planning on a big trip that’s about two or three months long. However, it all truly depends on where you’re planning to stay.

   Motels and Hotels can go anywhere from 40$ to 1000$ a night, it all depends on where you will be staying, and how much you’re planning to spend on accommodation only.

   If you choose to stay on cheaper hotels rather than the high-ends ones, then you’ll be spending around 60$-80$ a night (This is usually for a room for two people), while if you’re staying on more luxurious hotels, it could vary from 500$ to 1000$ or more a night.

  Multiply these prices for the amount of time you’ll be staying in the USA and you’ll get an idea of how money you will need.

Amusement Costs.

   Now that you’ve booked your ticket and your hotel room, it’s time to talk about the real reason you’re traveling: To visit all the fun locations, national parks and other fun places across the US!

   Again, how much money you’ll need for this heavily depends on where you’ll be traveling. Keep in mind, visiting big cities like New York will be way more expensive than visiting The great Canyon, Disney, Arizona… And so on.

   Prices can vary all the way from 50$ to over 100$ depending on where you are or what you’ll be doing, however, we recommend looking for city passes and get them to save lots of money and access to many locations and attractions on the city of your choice.

Paperwork Costs.

  One key thing many international travelers need to keep in mind is the documentation they will need in order to even get into the country. This documentation can vary depending on the country you’re from.

   If you’re part of the Visa Waiver countries all you will need is an ESTA, which is basically an electronic authorization that allows you to get into the US without having to apply for a VISA.

   On the other hand, if you are not part of the Visa Waiver Countries, you will have to apply for a tourist VISA in order to be able to travel to the US. Keep in mind, these papers do have a standard cost, which you will have to pay regardless your VISA application is approved or not.

   Prices can vary, but they are currently around 160$ for each VISA application. We recommend checking the US embassy webpage of your country before making the payment. However, if you’re a part of the Visa Waiver Countries, you can travel way easier to the USA, and avoid this particular step.

Other things to consider.

  • Transportation: Once you get to the USA you’ll have to figure out a way to move around. If you’re staying in a big city, public transportation (Subway, busses and even taxies) are the best option.

    However, if you’re planning to travel across cities, then renting a car could save you a lot of money. Car rental deals can vary depending on how long you’ll get them for, but if you rent it for at least a week you’re looking at another extra 200$.

  • Food: Luckily for you, food is probably the cheapest of our list, specially if you’re okay with eating in food chains and fast food restaurants. And even if you feel like eating somewhere fancy, 100$ can go a long, long way.

To put an end to the question how much you actually need to travel to the USA? It’s definitely 1000$ and up for longer trips (from one to three months), and about 50$ per day if you choose to go for the cheaper options, and shorter trips.

Of course, these prices don’t include plane tickets or VISA payments (if needed), but like we mentioned, both of those things should be taken into consideration when planning your trip.


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