Homeowners should know their roles and responsibilities to execute a good roof maintenance program

Homeowners should know their roles and responsibilities to execute a good roof maintenance program

The roof system of a building that has to withstand the vagaries of nature needs special care and maintenance because it is the most vulnerable part of the building exterior. It has to cope with wind, rain, snow, hail, sleet and even ultraviolet radiation that tests the system’s performance.  Three elements of roof construction contribute to its performance. The first is a good design; the second is quality materials and the third is a proper installation. Also, another essential element contributes to good roof performance year after year. Preventive maintenance of roof systems determines the longevity and performance as it keeps the roof in watertight condition and prevents roof problems.

Detect problems early

For a long-lasting roof, it requires early detection of problems and timely repairs by professional roof experts at Roofing Decatur, Al. However, homeowners have to stay proactive and keep a close watch on roof systems to detect problems early. Although roof maintenance is the job of professionals, homeowners also have a role to play.  The professionals will draw up the roof maintenance program that includes some tasks that homeowners have to undertake to make the program a success. In this article, we will discuss the role and responsibilities of homeowners in maintaining roofs properly.

Roof education for homeowners

Homeowners have to understand the importance of roof systems, educate themselves and gain knowledge about their roles and responsibilities in roof maintenance. Just entrusting the job to professionals would not help much if homeowners do not look after it. Roof systems are complex and to understand the maintenance aspects, attending educational seminars on roof system is a necessity that homeowners have to comply. They would get answers to lots of questions that provide valuable insights about roof care. It would help to understand better the vulnerabilities of roof systems and plan for better maintenance.

Keep the roof free from debris

Whether it is a standalone house or an apartment, homeowners and building maintenance personnel have to keep the roof clean and free from debris. Debris collected on the roof can prevent proper drainage of water and create pools localized at different places that could damage the roof much early. If debris collected at the entry points on the roof blocks drain lines, it could lead to excessive water collecting on the roof that can even result in a roof collapse.

 Protect the roof surface from damage

 Foot traffic is often responsible for damage to the roof surface. The ideal way to protect roofs is to keep roof traffic at a minimum. If it is not possible, arrange for membrane protection. Roof pavers and walkway pads offer excellent protection to the roof surface from a load of heavy traffic. Homeowners have to take the minimum responsibility of inspecting the roof two times a year, during spring and fall and note down their observations to identify the areas of concern so that they can take appropriate action.

 Maintaining an updated roof system maintenance file that contains the history of the roof is also the responsibility of homeowners.


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