7 Reasons Why You Need InstaPot Right Now

7 Reasons Why You Need InstaPot Right Now
The Instant Pot. MUST CREDIT: Photo for The Washington Post by Deb Lindsey

Those who enjoy spending time in the kitchen are always looking for ways to increase the level of convenience and efficiency that is provided by their appliances and tools. The InstaPot is on the rise and is rising in popularity due to its ease of use. When you want to improve the quality of your meals and how quickly they’re prepared, there are a few reasons you need an InstaPot.

1. Preserve Nutrients

Unlike using the microwave or oven, pressure cooking allows the nutrients to be preserved because the cooking time is significantly reduced. Due to the high water content that is needed for pressure cooking, it prevents the minerals and nutrients from leaching or dissolving away as the food is heated. You’ll discover that the vegetables that you cook will preserve their bright color shade and that the food will maintain its flavor.

2. Convenience

Pressure cookers are known to offer a high level of convenience when you need to make a meal without spending hours in the kitchen. You can easily make stew, chili, soup, and porridge in the InstaPot by dumping the food contents into the pot and pushing a button. The device offers consistency with the food that is cooked, which will prevent you from having to babysit the small appliance as it is in use.

3. Save Time

You can cut down on your time cooking throughout the week with the InstaPot because most of the dishes that are cooked only take an average of 30 minutes. You can even throw frozen meat or vegetables into the device and have the food thoroughly cooked. You won’t have to worry about having to defrost chicken or beef, which can allow you to have a shorter amount of time that is dedicated to making meals. It’s increasing in popularity because it’s the answer to healthy fast food.

4. Prepare Healthy Meals

You can now eat cleaner and prepare healthier meals with the InstaPot because it allows vegetables and lean meats to have more flavor and taste better compared to boiling or steaming the ingredients. Meat becomes more tender because steam surrounds the food, which prevents the juice from becoming lost during the cooking process.

5. Eliminating Harmful Microorganisms

You can have peace of mind knowing that the food you’re cooking in the InstaPot is safe to eat because harmful microorganisms are killed due to the high temperature that is above the boiling water. Pressure cookers are known to be a sterilizer and will allow you to keep your family safe when serving dinner throughout the week.

Many people prefer to cook rice, beans, corn, and wheat products in the InstaPot because the foods often contain aflatoxins due to improper storage. Fortunately, the aflatoxins are killed off when the ingredients are placed in the pressure cooker.

6. Saves Energy

More people are looking to save more energy for added savings throughout the year. The InstaPot saves up to 70 percent of energy compared to other cooking methods, which will allow you to reduce your carbon footprint. Electric pressure cookers are considered to be the second most energy-efficient method of cooking and preparing food, which can allow you to save money throughout the year and have less of an impact on the environment.

7. Consistent Results

For those who are still learning how to cook in the kitchen, the InstaPot will prove to be reliable because it always has consistent results. The heat is evenly distributed, which can make for a more delicious meal compared to using the oven or stovetop.


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