Hardscaping your Outdoor Area for Entertaining Guests

Hardscaping your Outdoor Area for Entertaining Guests

Ever wanted to entertain a number of guests but didn’t necessarily have the resources or the imagination to make it happen? Sometimes, the best feature of a house party can be the actual hard-planned-in landscaping: otherwise referred to as “hardscaping’.

Hardscaping entails the permanent non-natural fixtures or points of focus ingrained within your landscaping that are meant to either entertain, rest, or provide a focal point of interest for you, your family, and also your guests if you so choose to entertain.

That said, here are some ideas for hardscaping features that are sure to entertain all your guests:

1. Outdoor woodfired pizza oven

Putting in an outdoor pizza oven can be a great way to provide a great looking part of your patio and outdoor kitchen while achieving some awesome cooking abilities at the same time. An outdoor pizza oven not only looks super cool and classy, but it can also fire up some wild wood-fired pizzas that your guests are sure to go crazy over. Give it a try!

2. Outdoor stairs

Getting into and out of certain spaces in the yard may seem like a simple and vital element (and it is), but it can also be a great way to accent the flow of the yard and the hardscaping. Using decorative stairs from upper decks down to lower patios or to the hard can be very low maintenance yet extremely eloquent in giving your area a quick spruce up to keep your guests’ attention.

3. Natural-looking waterfall

Water is a peaceful element and also an intriguing element at the same time. Although it can seem natural, it can also keep the attention of even the most curious guest. Hardscaping waterfalls are not difficult to build or maintain. In fact, they can run naturally off of rainwater by collecting it in a basin-style reservoir and then using a pump to bring it back up the falls and to the source of the water so it can flow back down evenly.

4. Outdoor dining area

During the summer months, you may find yourself outside with your guests more and more. Inevitably, lots of that time spent outside will probably include food and cooking it as well. In addition to the woodfired outdoor pizza oven as discussed in point number one, a built-in brick grill and a nice patio set on type of a brick patio adds a superb touch to your hardscaping efforts. Having a lovely patio will keep your guests outside and entertained for hours.


If you have ever considered permanent hardscaping elements for the purpose of entertaining and keeping your guests over for hours (if that is a positive thing for you), you will want to keep these tips handy for your hardscaping build needs.

If you have the resource, you now have some of the ideas in order to make it all happen. This thought-out effort to plan your landscape and hardscape can make your outdoor guest area the talk of the town: so get busy with those plans.

If you have some hardscaping ideas or comments to add, simply use the comment section below and let’s discuss some more great ideas for your guests to enjoy in your yard this summer!



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