3 Issues That Might Impede A Home Worker’s Productivity

3 Issues That Might Impede A Home Worker's Productivity


It might seem that home workers lead the way in working convenience and comfort, but this is not always the case. There are many distractions that present themselves to the home worker, and this can have a net impact on the effectiveness they have in their work. While working from home can be considered a privilege, maintaining this privilege is often only possible when all issues are taken into account and planned for.

With the following four issues taken care of, the home worker can then focus on the realms of luxury and convenience they might as well take advantage of.

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Air Quality

Sitting inside all day chipping away at articles and briefs can be considered quite a pleasant thing to do. It beats sitting inside a car during a polluted commute. However, the air quality to be experienced in the home might leave something to be desired. It might be that your home ventilation could be in dire need of cleaning. The home worker might find themselves typing ‘air duct cleaning near me’ into Google the moment they realize this is the case, as having your health impeded at home is simply not on. With good air quality you will feel healthier, more cognitively able, and refreshed in the room you occupy.


Noise is one of the biggest killers of productivity.  If you find you live in a noisy environment, we recommend plenty. First, move to an office space that you can separate from your family. It might also be worth investing in velure cupped noise isolating headphones to ensure your ‘zen meditation music’ can be listened to well while contributing to your daily workload. It might mean investing in ear plugs, or simply replacing that washing machine that enjoys banging against the wall to the seeming drum beat of Bel Biv Devoe’s ‘Poison.’ Whatever works is whatever works for you.

Lack Of Effort

It’s easy to succumb to the relaxation of sitting in your home office, and become relatively lazy. You are in a privileged position working from home. The time you save from your commute could be spent researching how to do a better job, how to schedule your time, and how to stay disciplined. Make the effort to stay on top of your game and you’ll often find that you become better and use your extra time wisely. Despite deciding your own hours, this will also help you stay on top of your day, and neglect wasting time. We’d recommend creating two user accounts on your computer, one for leisure and one for work. This way the work profile will be locked off through internet filters from unnecessary content or video games, and that can help tremendously in the long term.

With these tips, you are much more likely to enjoy a competent home working atmosphere. After all, you are only ever as good as the working day that preceded you, and with these mini efforts taken care of you will have more of those good days than the opposite.


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