Modern Electric Garage Doors: Features and Benefits You Need to Know

Modern Electric Garage Doors: Features and Benefits You Need to Know

The modern electric garage door is a handy thing for many people. If you’re thinking about a automated garage door, then it is possible that you know about it beforehand, or perhaps you know a bit less about them and are thinking it’s just a luxury.

Well here are some of the benefits of an automatic garage door that will make you clear about the fact that they are a necessity and not a luxury. This list has been readily prepared with consultation from the seasoned garage door experts at Attenborough Garage Doors.

So let’s begin –

Vacation Mode – One of the many new features of modern electric garage doors is the vacation mode. This mode enables you to lock your garage door for an extended period of time similar to the security system in your house. You will also get a security text alert if someone tries to break in through your garage door.

Better Warmth – The modern garage doors come pre-insulated, this means you don’t have to insulate them further. This contributes to keeping a warm temperature on the inside of your house. This, in fact, makes the garage door energy efficient as it does not burden the house HVAC system further.

Security – Aiding your house security system, your modern electric garage door will come with a built-in security and alarm system that will let you have a peace of mind. If your house security system does not cover for the garage, then the modern garage door surely will.

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Decreased Cost – One might think that the modern electric garage door is a thing of luxury. However, this house item is one of those that support energy efficiency which in turn leads to incurring of a lesser cost than average. Moreover, this product is relatively inexpensive when compared to its traditional counterparts.

Lesser Risks – One of the best feature and advantage of these garage doors is that their users are prone to almost no risks. There is no sudden collapse of the door because the electric motor keeps the door in its place. This, in turn, reduces the risk of some serious injuries from the device.

Noise Reduction – One of the selling points the modern electric garage doors are very silent as compared to its counterparts when it comes to the opening and closing operation. If you happen to come late at night, you will be able to park your car silently, without disturbing anyone.

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Improves The Value Of The Home – Another significant benefit is that the garage door increases functionality. It enhances the look of the house as well. Both these factors make sure that the value of your home is increased. You will easily be able to appreciate the value of your home if you put it up for resale.

Peace Of Mind – Keeping all the security and energy efficiency features in mind you can be assured that when you switch to a modern electric garage door, you will have reasonably lesser reasons to worry. This, in turn, will induce peace of mind.


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