International Interiors – Stunning Furniture Styles from Around the World

International Interiors – Stunning Furniture Styles from Around the World

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Thanks to social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, not to mention the recent boom in home improvement reality TV shows, home interior design is hotter than ever before.As such, it’s easy to develop ideas, mix and match styles, Interior Secrets helps you create one-of-a-kind decorating schemes in every room of your home.

Often, we don’t even realize where the inspiration for our design choices originate. From what era is your favorite antique chair? Does your unique color scheme have roots in a specific culture? As long as you like it, it really doesn’t matter from where your decorating ideas stem. However, the development of different styles from various countries can be a fascinating subject. Here are several stunning furniture styles from around the world that may inspire you.:

Australian Influence on Home Décor

The Australian culture has always been one of relaxed comfort. The laissez-faire nature carries over into interior design with wide-open spaces and natural materials at the forefront. While monochrome has been a pervasive color scheme for many years, Australian designers are bringing in bold color blocks and multi-toned shades of color to today’s home décor. Innovative companies down under such as Brosa and others are producing stunning designs that marry classical style with a more modern touch.

The Japanese Zen Influence

Japanese home interior design is deeply rooted in respect and love of nature. It leans toward the minimalist lifestyle while incorporating the artisan appeal of individual furniture pieces. Japanese home décor is very Zen and relaxing, and it tends to appeal to those who live in small living spaces, which is the norm for Japanese families.

Simple Scandinavian

Throughout history, Scandinavian designers have followed a simplistic, clean, modern approach to furniture and home interior design, with a focus on functionality. Using natural materials such as leather, wood, and granite, the designers create pieces that make a dramatic visual impact, always keeping the function of the item at the forefront of the design process. Arne Jacobsen, one of the most influential Danish designers of all time, is best known for his approach to Functionalism and his effectively simple pieces.

The French Approach

French décor is more about decorating once and updating only when necessary. This typically means nothing changes unless it breaks or wears out. The French tend to choose timeless pieces that hold up well and can be passed down through the generations. Pieces are usually a mixture of eras from Louis XV, toile, modern flair, French country, and lots and lots of mirrors. A great example of the French way is Coco Chanel’s residence at the Ritz Hotel in Paris.

England Charm and Flair

Everyone has his or her personal preferences, but when it comes to England’s way of decorating, a few things are perfectly clear: comfort is king, formality isn’t that important, and color is something to celebrate. Cozy conversation areas, upholstered window lounges, and multiple seating options throughout the home are prominent features of the English dwelling. At the same time, formal spaces are few and far between, which is probably due to the fact that most homes are small and not conducive to formality. As for color, the oft-dreary weather may have something to do with designers choosing pops of color on walls, rugs, and other accents around the living space.

Whether you choose to decorate your home in one, or a combination of styles is up to you. However, sometimes it’s fun to know what cultures inspire us most. From minimalism to cozy, close comfort, there are many stunning furniture styles from around the world from which to choose.


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