5 Reasons to Invest in a Pool Enclosure

5 Reasons to Invest in a Pool Enclosure

A pool enclosure is a structure that is built to enclose a swimming pool. These pool enclosures have a lot of functions when they are erected over your pool. Five of the top reasons to invest in a pool enclosure are:

  1.    They offer year-round swimming.

Use of a swimming pool enclosure allows you to have a swim at any time of the year, whether it is during the summer or the winter since the pool is not exposed to the elements. Having a retractable enclosure can allow you to allow the sun in during the summer and leave it closed when it gets a little bit chillier. Use of a pool enclosure in public pools will ensure that customers visit all-round the year regardless of the season.

  1.    It keeps the pool free from pests and debris.

Erecting a pool enclosure around your swimming pool will ensure that no leaves or pests will make their way into your pool. Blocking entry from dead leaves and pests will keep the pool clean, and in addition, will save on pool cleanup time and costs needed. This will also keep any unwanted diseases from the pool since it will be uncontaminated.

  1.    It increases safety.

Having a pool enclosure will increase the safety of the area since there will be no unauthorized access to the pool. This will allow the swimmer to enjoy their time in the pool without fear of an attack from either people or even pests. In addition, having a pool enclosure will prevent children from accidentally falling into the pool thus reducing cases of drowning. It also keeps away any intruders from entering your pool when you are not around.

  1.    Offers more privacy.

Pool enclosures allow the swimmer to swim in privacy away from the glare of the public. This mostly applies to VIP’s and celebrities who may like to enjoy their swim without being swarmed by paparazzi and fans. It does not apply to VIP’s though, as it is useful for anyone who fancies taking a swim without neighbours and passersby burying their nose into your business. In addition to privacy, the pool enclosure does offer shade to the swimmer, thus protecting them from harmful UV rays, and removing the need for sunscreen and sunblock.

  1.    Helps lower maintenance costs.

Having a pool enclosure helps the owner to cut down on costs that may have been necessary for an exposed pool. A pool enclosure will save on cleaning costs, since no dirt will make its way into the pool, reduced chemical use since the rays of the sun are blocked, hence the chlorine is not burned off in the pool water, and costs for replacing or fixing parts like pipes and pool liners that may have been damaged by rodents and other small animals. In addition, the pool enclosure keeps in warmth from the sun as a result of solar radiation, keeping the pool water warm, thus costs of warming up the water artificially are cut down.


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