5 Fantastic Tips To Have Your Lounge Ready For The Summer Heat

5 Fantastic Tips To Have Your Lounge Ready For The Summer Heat

Summer is just around the corner, well nearly anyway! Once we get past these snowy outbreaks we can begin looking forward to warmer weather heading our way. While it’s understandable that when the sun is shining we want to be outside, sometimes it’s simply too hot to spend too much time in the direct sunlight, which means we need to head indoors. Sometimes though, this can be just as bad if we haven’t prepared ourselves for the warmer weather on the inside of our home, so here are some fantastic tips to have your lounge ready for the summer.

5 Fantastic Tips To Have Your Lounge Ready For The Summer Heat


Window tinting

Having the windows tinted on your home is becoming an increasingly more popular trend at the moment. Not only do they add a great sense of privacy, but they can also protect your furniture from sun rays coming through your window. Most of all though, they help regulate room temperature and can either keep heat in or out depending on what you need. Having your windows tinted will stop the harsh sun rays from coming in and overheating you and your family. Definitely a stylish yet practical solution to consider!

Get the air moving

There’s nothing worse than being in an overly warm room with very still air. It can almost feel like there isn’t enough air in the room to breathe, and will make you feel even warmer than you already are. Make sure that you are keeping the air moving by having high quality Minka Aire Ceiling Fans installed into your lounge. This will keep the air moving around the room and provide a cooler breeze so that you and your family can cool down nicely. There are tons of different styles to choose from, so you’re bound to find one that suits the decor of your lounge too!

Eliminate leather

As you probably already know, leather is a material that you want to avoid in the sticky weather because it makes you sweat and heat up more. This can be a problem if the furniture in your lounge is made of leather. For the summer months consider covering your couches with a cotton throw or sheet so that you can relax in comfort and not have to worry about getting up stickier than when you sat down. While it might not be the ideal choice style wise, it’s certainly worth it to be able to cool down and stay cool too.

Blackout blinds

Blackout blinds are often installed in bedrooms to shut out any light in the lighter evenings for children and adults who need to sleep early. Or sometimes they are used to block out lights from the exterior of their home, and even sounds too. Consider getting some blackout blinds for your lounge so that you can shut them when the sun is due to be glaring on your windows the most. Work out which side of your home that the sun rises so that you know when to have them closed. Be careful not to have them closed too often though as the air will become stale and it can have the opposite effect and end up keeping the room too warm.

Reduce electrics

Finally, it’s a good idea to reduce the amount of electrical goods that are plugged in during the summer as they let off more heat than you think. For example, if you have a dvd player that you don’t currently need plugged in, then unplug it so that you can reduce the amount of heat being generated in the room. The same goes for items like your television, if it doesn’t need to be on then switch it off to keep your room cool. You’ll also thank yourself when your electricity bill comes in much lower than it has previously been!

As you can see, keeping your lounge cooler during the summer doesn’t have to be as hard as it seems. With a little investment and the use of some common sense you will find that you and your family are able to keep nice and cool during those times where the heat is simply too much to handle. Remember that cracking a window open will certainly let the breeze in, but it might also let heat in too, so keep the air moving as much as possible!


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