4 Tips to feeding your new puppy

4 Tips to feeding your new puppy

Puppies are great! They are not only cute and nice to look at, but also give us company. They are also perfect playmates for kids. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to take care of their puppies. This affects the overall health of the puppies by predisposing them to nutrition-related diseases, as well as slowing down their growth. To have a healthy and happy puppy, you need to feed it well. To help you achieve this end, here are 4 tips to feeding your new puppy.

  1. Feed them on organic foods

There are so many unscrupulous business people in the market selling puppy food that is ridden with harmful chemicals. To protect your puppy from the harmful effects of such foods, feed your puppy on organic foods from credible organizations. You can find best puppy foods from credible online reviewers like top dog tips.  By feeding your puppy on organic foods that are free of harmful additives, you will be increasing their lifespan, and by extension the time that you will have to bond with them.

  1. Give priority to food that has a high meat content

While plant based foods are not bad, puppies are healthiest when fed on foods that have a high meat content. As such, when buying puppy food, make sure to check the level of meat content. A high meat content means that your puppy will be getting all the nutrients it requires for its body to stay healthy, and grow faster. The meat content of puppy food is something that you can access through the ingredients label that is mandatory on all foods, both those meant for humans and the animal ones.

  1. Don’t give a puppy cow milk

Sometimes a puppy especially those below 6 weeks might not have access to its mother, yet it still needs to feed exclusively on milk. If you have such a puppy, don’t make the mistake of feeding it on cow milk. Such milk can give the puppy diarrhea, which can have a negative effect on their overall health. To keep your young pups healthy and happy, buy them milk supplements. Most vets have these supplements and they are very affordable. Feed your puppies on these supplements until they are at least 6 weeks old, then from there you can slowly introduce them to solid foods.

  1. Mix moist and dry foods when feeding teething puppies

The teething period is quite distressing for most pups. It is a period in which, your puppy can experience intestinal stress. To help your pup get through this period with ease, give them dry foods, since they help loosen the teeth faster. You should also mix them with some moist canned foods just to make feeding more comfortable, at this time when your puppy’s appetite may be at its lowest. Just don’t introduce drastic new foods to the pup at this time. It might increase the distress, and even lead to other ailments that might kill the young puppy.


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