Awesome Eye Wear Fashion Trends for 2018

Awesome Eye Wear Fashion Trends in 2018

Here in 2018 it seems that eyewear has become all of the rage and what used to be seen as a necessary for those with poor vision has now become a fashion statement and has become something that is in high demand and in high style.

That said, there are certain styles of frames for eyewear that have come (back) into style that we thought would be interesting to create a nice little list out of. That said, I would like to present my awesome eye wear fashion trends for 2018. Here is the list:

1. Tortoise shell glasses

If you want to ensure that you will have the best fashion eyewear in 2018, you should go with a tortoise pattern style of lenses because as what started out as a brown and tan color trend, now has moved to all shades of beige and it is easy to find something that will work with your current style set. There are Watson styles, Club-Goer styles, and more that will give you both the color and the shape style of the frame to round out your look!

2. Clear-framed glasses

Clear frames are now back in. What once took off as a popular mid-80’s trend has now come back in full style and reared its way back onto the fashion scene. Clear frames can be balanced, can also be elegant, yet they can be very punk and nerdy as well. Different frames can vary between ultra-elegance and over-sized for a gigantic fashion splash. Try out some clear frames!

3. Glare-reducing lenses

Believe it or not, this one is making the list as glare-reducing lenses, although not technically a frame, simply because eye health is current in style. Another big topic includes blue light blocking glasses because as the rise of the phones became a factor, so did the strain being placed on the eyes. Now that eyesight and vision are both hot topics, and since cell phone manufacturers certainly do not want to be liable for eyesight issues, it has been touted that glare-reducing lenses and blue light blocking glasses are popular and actually in high fashion to wear out in public in every day life.

4. Black-framed glasses

Last but certainly not least are black-framed classic style lenses. Although technically never out of style, the late 90’s and early 2000’s saw the demise of the thick black frame and it was not until nearly a decade later that the thick-rimmed black “nerd” style frames came back into style. Popularized by the return of the Wayfarer style lens and frame from Ray-Ban, black-framed frames came back for reading and prescription lens glasses shortly after as well. Now it’s so cool to be so, well, so 80’s.


And that is my list for awesome eye wear fashion trends for this year of 2018…and maybe beyond? Although I dislike writing posts that are time-based as time-based is not often timeless, it is nice to put in a placeholder for the fashion trends in eye wear specifically for this year.

Have some ideas for eye wear fashion to add to the list? Maybe you flat-out disagree with me or simply need to add some detail to my post. Hopefully you are able to get some fashion sense out of it and simply add your comments in the area below so that we can begin the discussion on eye wear fashion


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