Easy Ways To Achieve An Ever-So-Stylish Mediterranean Garden

Easy Ways To Achieve An Ever-So-Stylish Mediterranean Garden

A Mediterranean style garden is tres chic! It’s also something that you can create in your backyard with the minimum of effort and maintenance. To find out how to do this read the post below.

For an ever-so-stylish garden go Mediterranean!

Easy Ways To Achieve An Ever-So-Stylish Mediterranean Garden

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A common feature in Mediterranean style gardens is the use of trellis work. These are usually wooden struts that are arranged vertically and horizontally to provide a structure on which to grow creeping plants and vines. Once they have established, such spaces then provide shaded walkways, or a wonderfully covered area perfect for placing your garden table and chairs.

Easy Ways To Achieve An Ever-So-Stylish Mediterranean Garden


To construct a trellis you will need to see out wooden posts and fix them into the ground. If you are doing this at floor level, it can be useful to dig out a hole and concrete them in, as then they will be incredibly sturdy. However, if you are installing them in raised beds, then a bolt down post bottom can work just as well.


A pleasant addition to a Mediterranean style garden is to include a chiminea. This is a pottery fire that is bulbous on the bottom and the goes up into an elongated chimney. They are usually housed on a cast iron stand as well, meaning you can move them to where ever they are needed.

The idea behind them is that you use them to burn wood, and the chimney take the smoke away while you get a nice glow and some warmth. Something that makes it perfect for enjoying your garden even on the colder nights.


Naturally, as with any garden, getting the planting right for Mediterranean outdoor spaces is vital. In fact, it can be very helpful to do some research into the type of plants that you are likely to see in this part of the world and whether they will grow successfully in the type of soil and climate that your yard is located in.

Strong suggestions include star jasmine and grapevines which are climbing vines that can create that shaded space over the trellis. The benefit of using grapevines, of course, is that you get to harvest the grapes and can even make your own win if you want to really get into the Mediterranean experience fully. Olive trees are also a fantastic choice for this sort of yard. Again pick fruiting ones to get the double benefit of the right look and the olives that you can preserve and use in the kitchen.

In terms of flowers, anything that is hardy and can cope with wind and heat is a good bet. These include things like ceanothus, and pink rock rose, and grevillea is also a popular and attractive choice.

Easy Ways To Achieve An Ever-So-Stylish Mediterranean Garden



Most people associate follies with old English gardens, but they can be used to great effect in a Mediterranean style one too. In fact, they are a great way of introducing a bit of character and stonework into your outside space.

Something that is a common feature of genuine gardens of this region and will give you that added bit of authenticity. Check out https://www.pinterest.com for some the inspiration and use it to create the perfect Mediterranean garden in your backyard.


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