5 Steps to moving without a hassle

5 Steps to moving without a hassle

Changing residences requires a lot of planning, even if you’re just moving a few blocks away. If it’s your first time to experience moving out, be prepared to feel a roller coaster of emotions. There’s excitement at finally settling at your new home, and there’s also the anxious feeling of packing and unpacking all your things in order. If you want to ensure a hassle free move, here are 5 steps for you to follow:

  1. Update your address ahead of time

You can do this as early as two months away from your scheduled move out date. Basically as long as you’ve secured your new residence you can already start updating your mailing address information. Guides like changemailingaddress.org is helpful in briefing yourself with the ins and outs of updating your address.

Start with updating your information with entities you regularly receive mail from. This includes your local post office, utility companies, internet and cable provider, banks, and the like. Don’t forget to update any subscription service you’re enrolled in as well. You may also want to change your mailing address with your favorite e-commerce sites like Amazon, Sephora, or Walmart. The importance of this is obvious. First, you want keep receiving important mail and packages on time and on the right location. And of course, you don’t want to keep going back and forth to your old house to check for mail, disturbing the new residents in the process.

  1. Declutter while packing

Now, packing up your stuff can be so dragging. Just the thought of it makes you tired already. But there’s a silver lining to this tedious process. It’s the perfect opportunity to declutter, making sure that you’ll only be bringing important things with you. Even if you’re moving in a bigger house, decluttering is still a great way to filter out stuff that you don’t need in your new home. Since you’ll be going through all your items anyway, why not take the chance to eliminate stuff you no longer need? You may even collect enough to run a garage sale, or a donation drive.

  1. Pack wisely

Perhaps the best method to pack your things when moving is to use boxes and label them properly. Sort out all your items according to the area of the house where they should go, and try to list down all of its contents accurately. This helps you know which boxes go where, and also ensures the movers don’t get confused where to place the boxes once they’ve started unloading.

You don’t have to finish moving in one day. Depending on the amount of things you need to transport, the location of your new address, and the availability of vehicles to assist you, the entire moving process could take a week or even a month.

  1. Hire a professional mover

If you don’t want to deal with all the stress that comes with moving, you might want to consider hiring professional movers to do the job for you. Leave it to them to do the packing on your behalf. They know how to wrap fragile items properly and are trained to do the job fast as well. It also takes away the extra expense of buying more boxes than you need, or damaging some sensitive items because of poor packaging. With a professional mover, your items are insured up to a certain limit. And because you know that they’re more experienced than you, you’re assured that all your stuff are safe and sound.

  1. Settle down and enjoy the process

When the move is finally over, take time to audit all the items that was delivered to your new space. Check if all the boxes you packed are present, and if nothing has been damaged. If you hired a mover and noticed some damages in certain items, take a snap of it immediately. While it’s definitely not easy to move from one place to another, you’ve got to be thankful that you made it to the first part of your itinerary. Now that you’ve got all of your things with you in your new place, it’s time to unpack and start making yourself at home!


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